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Today, I’d like to take you on a journey through the world of scents and bottles. You will learn many fun facts regarding the types, use and harmfulness of using perfumes. I hope, that you will enjoy this adventure:)


There are many of them. We can divide perfumes into two categories in terms of ingredients used in the production and concentration of fragrances. The first group includes water, ethyl alcohol and fragrances (natural plant origin, natural animal origin and artificial fragrances). The second category includes body mist, cologne (eau de Cologne – EDC), eau de toilette (EDT), eau de parfum (EDP), and perfume – parfum.


It depends on many factors. If the perfume does not last long on the body: you have dry skin or you applied it incorrectly, or it contains too little perfume, or it does not blend well with the skin, after some time we no longer smell it. What to do to extend the life of your favourite perfume? Moisten the skin, because only then, the fragrance will remain the longest. To make the aroma well noticeable, apply a greasy fragrance-fee oil to the skin. Use products of the same cosmetic range. By using a shower gel, lotion, shampoo and even fabric rinse, you extend the longevity of the perfume and enhance the aroma. Vaseline can also be useful. Applied to appropriate parts of the body, enhances the smell of perfume. If you spray the bends of your hands, wrists and chest (at the base of your neck), then your perfume will be perceptible throughout the day.


Con the colour of your perfume alter? Yes, but this means that it might have been stored inappropriately or it passed its use by date. Results? Expired perfumes can cause allergic reactions and the fragrance might change. Of course, the change of colour must appear together with the alternation of aroma. This is only the case of pink, blue and purple colours.


As in the case of other cosmetics, the expiry date of perfume is marked with a PAO (period after opening) sign. It presents an open jar with a number and a letter M. For example, a 12M record means that the perfume will remain fresh and can be in use for 12 months after opening the bottle. The PAO sign is usually placed on the label or bottom of the packaging.

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