I love it when my eyes and lashes turn heads; that’s possible thanks to the combo of the intense color of my eyes and the exceptionally long lashes. I’m a fan of cluster lash extensions. I bought my DIY Lash Extensions as soon as they were released. Do I recommend them though?

 Cluster lashes for self application (DIY) - starter kit DIY EYELASH EXTENSIONS STARTER KIT

The lash extension style I picked proved the right choice. The 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm cluster lashes are perfect for my eye shape, which guarantees very natural-looking results. I guess we all want to avoid unnatural lash extensions clumping together. To me, the length of the lashes was just right – neither too long nor too short.

What Does the Application of Individual Cluster Lashes from the Brand Nanolash Involve?

Before applying cluster lashes, I already had all necessary accessories for DIY lash extension. I was familiar with enhancing the eyes using this method. Despite that, I bought the full DIY eyelash extensions kit from Nanolash. I wanted to see the quality of their lash glue because I wasn’t happy with the one I had before.

Are you wondering how to apply cluster lashes at home? Let me help you out! I applied a little bonder on the clean, dry lashes; it’s done like applying mascara. After around 40 seconds, I started applying individual clusters using the precise tweezers. I pressed each segment, and finally applied the sealer on both sides.

how long does cluster lashes last
The Fantasy model I chose turned out to be a good decision. The eyelash styling tufts in sizes 10, 12 and 14 mm perfectly matched the line of my eye.

The Cluster Lashes – Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions. What Makes Them Special?

I already tested many lash extensions from various lash brands but these are the most lightweight and comfortable-to-wear cluster lashes I’ve ever had. With other lash extensions, I always felt the weight of falsies which was uncomfortable for everyday wear. As soon as I put on the DIY lash clusters from Nanolash, the problem was solved! Wearing these, I even forgot I had any lash wisps on! What else drew my attention?

  • Nanolash DIY eyelash extensions are made from durable, quality material which makes them reusable cluster lashes.
  • These are perfect lashes for everyday wear because – with proper aftercare – we don’t need to take them off for sleep.
  • These lash wisps keep the initial shape looking like new all the time.
nanolash diy lash extensions

DIY Cluster Lashes from Nanolash. Should You Give Them a Try?

I gave up on expensive salon appointments a long time ago so I’m already experienced in applying cluster lashes. What do I think of the Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions? Simply put, these are the best DIY cluster lashes I’ve ever tested.

I loved these natural-looking lashes because I never achieved such realistic results with DIY lash clusters before. I knew my fluttery lash fans looked stunning! I’m definitely using the Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions again. They’re essential in my beauty kit.

Plus, the Nanolash eyelash extensions kit will be a great pick for girls who want to buy a quality lash sealer or glue. The products guarantee easy eyelash extension at home. I’m sure you’ll love these long-lasting cluster lashes too!

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