I know people like the “5 facts about…”, “10 things you don’t know about…” kind of posts so I’ve got one for you: 10 products that are must-haves in my beauty bag. Anyone interested? Read on!

I rounded up some essential products in my beauty arsenal, writing a short review about each. I wouldn’t do without them in my skin, hair or make-up routine so, believe me, they are second to none!


1. Sweet Almond Oil

I love natural oils as they fulfil many roles perfectly and are derived from nature. Nanoil sweet almond oil is my favorite because it is cold-pressed and unrefined, thus is high in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. I use it for skincare routine as a face cream, make-up primer and component in DIY masks, but also on hair and nails. Nanoil Almond Oil perfectly moisturizes, smoothes and soothes irritations, as well as adds elasticity to skin.

2. Clump-Free Mascara

Mascara is another essential in my beauty kit. I’m big on silicone-bristle brushes, and search for formulations that don’t clump lashes together. The lashes stuck together is the bloop I hate the most as far as make-up goes. Currently, I’m using Lashcode which works well, is long-wear (not waterproof though) and clump-free, plus it nourishes the lashes because it’s enriched with plant extracts.

3. Unrefined Shea Butter

Shea butter is one of my top picks for a beauty routine. Simply put, it wonderfully smoothes the skin, protects it, soothes irritations and boosts elasticity. Plus, it’s all-natural and thus safe.

4. Rose Water

I’m not a fan of readymade drugstore face toners or mists because I know they are higher in alcohols and many other unnecessary additives than skin-enhancing ingredients. Rose water acts as my toner and face mist. The Damask rose is known for the antiaging effect; it moisturizes, adds elasticity and brightens dark spots. I recommend using it on the skin but it works well on hair too.

5. Cold-Pressed Argan Oil

Another oil I like and use is the one extracted from argan nuts. I recommend original Moroccan, cold-pressed and unrefined argan oil. I stick to my beloved hair and face oils from Nanoil so my argan oil is also from them. I like to use it on my hair for repair and protection, as well as for removing make-up and nourishing the face skin. I apply it on my nails, body and even lashes. The benefits seem to be endless!

6. Kohl Eye Pencil

My day make-up is rather natural and delicate but I like to enhance the eyes with a black pencil. Since I came across Kohl, I haven’t used other pencils. Kohl is creamy, easy to apply, natural and nicely enhances the eyes so they look bigger and bolder.

7. Born Lippy™ Pot Lip Balm Raspberry

Mascara, eye pencil, BB cream and lip balm – this is my super four that I always have in my bag. I use make-up to enhance beauty and nothing seems to be as effective as a juicy raspberry lip balm for lovely lips. Now I’ve got a raspberry-scented lip balm by Born Lippy. It is easier to apply, keeping the lips soft and hydrated.

8. Micellar Shampoo

As far as hair care goes, I’m a minimalist too. I could do without conditioners, masks and scalp treatments but, naturally, a shampoo is essential. I always use micellar shampoo because it is a more effective cleanser and is gentle on hair and scalp. Nanoil – brand known for oils – launched micellar shampoos recently. I’m going to add one to my basket while shopping through their online store next time.

9. Cream Deodorant

I’ve taken a liking to cream deodorants recently. If you aren’t bothered by excessive sweating, then this type of product may work well. It usually comes in a jar and you get some of it on the finger and spread it on the armpit skin. Cream deodorants are mild, lovely-smelling, and they really work. They contain anti-bacterial, antifungal and cleansing ingredients so we can keep fresh for longer. At the same time, it’s an eco-friendly product that lasts very long.

10. Lightweight BB Cream

Finally, the list of top ten products in my beauty kit is finished by a BB cream. Because my skin isn’t problematic, I don’t need any heavy, full coverage foundations. BB cream works great because it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, as well as evens the skin tone.

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