The spring is coming and it would be nice to greet it with a lovely white smile. Let’s find out what to do when the teeth don’t have the desired white color.

Before discussing the best remedies, though, it’s good to detect the causes of yellow teeth or stains.

Why aren’t my teeth white?

Stains may occur suddenly or your teeth may go yellowish gradually, losing the natural whiteness week by week. There is no perfect tooth color and the shade slightly differs for everyone but we all keep wondering what makes us lose the white color.

See the most common causes of yellow teeth

  • drinking too much coffee or tea
  • stains from red wine
  • habitual cigarette smoking
  • lack of proper oral hygiene
  • aging and different diseases
  • some medications

Watch your diet!

Obviously, what we eat and drink does matter enormously. There are lots of drinks which cause tooth discoloration and leave the ugly stains on teeth. You should try to avoid wine, coffee, tea, coke, soy sauce, curry or too much tomato sauce. Beware of artificial colorings in food, e.g. lollipops, sweet drinks, candied nuts, and dark fruits, e.g. bearberries, cherries, blueberries.

Thankfully, there are products which help preserve the natural white color of teeth.

What to eat to have white teeth?

First and foremost… eat! Eating stimulates production of saliva which prevents the plaque where dirt accumulates. Also, most foods, fruits or veggies work like sandpaper and clear the teeth while eating.

Try the following ingredients for whiter teeth:

  • citruses, e.g. oranges or pineapples.
  • fresh strawberries.
  • apples (don’t peel them).
  • milk and plain yoghurt.
  • leaf green tea.

Home remedies for whiter teeth

Obviously, by just eating you won’t make the teeth whiter. It’s only a form of prevention against the yellow shade and stains. If you really want to get a gorgeous, white smile fast, you need a more powerful weapon: homemade whitening treatments. I share my top three ways that really work (if you’re patient and use them regularly!).

1. Whitening toothpaste

This is a shortcut. You just need to buy it at the store. Someone smart has come up with the whitening toothpaste ingredients and they really work. I suggest choosing natural whitening toothpastes not to cause damage to the enamel because of chemicals.

2. DIY activated charcoal toothpaste

You can make a toothpaste at home and it may turn out to be a great cleaning and whitening agent. You just need to mix some coconut oil with powdered activated carbon which makes teeth whiter. You need to use the mixture every day. I must warn you, though, that a DIY toothpaste is different, it doesn’t lather much and it feels like you don’t clean the teeth at all (but it’s only an impression).

3. Turmeric teeth whitening

You can use turmeric instead of black charcoal. This seasoning is known for the whitening, antifungal and antibacterial effects. You just need to rub it into the teeth using a toothbrush and rinse the mouth. Turmeric also works for whitening toothpaste based on coconut oil (same recipe as above).

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