Do you use face serums? I bet most of you do. Do you choose them for descriptions on the packaging or INCI? Today I will tell you what serum is, how it works and what basic types there are.

What is a face serum?

Serum is a special skincare product that differs from creams in texture and formula. It contains highly-concentrated biologically active substances. Simply put, it holds ingredients that have a real effect on the condition and appearance of the skin. Serum works way better than a cream or moisturizer because it penetrates deep layers or skin instead of merely settling on the epidermis. It must be remembered, though, that serum will never replace a moisturizer and you need both. Creams form a protective layer and keep the serum’s ingredients inside.

How does face serum work?

It works differently than a cream or moisturizer. It works BETTER. As soon as the first serum was put on the market, it proved a breakthrough in cosmetology! Its major role is transporting ingredients – essential to keep the skin elastic, smooth and healthy – more deeply than a cream does it.

Serum reaches the receptors in the deep parts of skin. A good face serum has incredible ability to penetrate the skin because most of them contain some clever substances called carriers, e.g. liposomes, nanosomes or nanodiscs.


Many girls use face serum for microneedling. Some serums or face ampules are UNSUITABLE for microneedling procedure. Always check that to help the complexion instead of ruining it. Always take note of the information in the leaflet.

What types of serums are there?

Water-based serum is a lightweight, runny, gel-like product and it’s obviously based on water. This type is also known as hydrophilic serum. The formula is enriched with water-soluble ingredients: peptides, vitamin C, stem cells. This kind of lightweight serum is ideal for any skin type but it gives the best effect on aging complexion, combination, oily and acne-prone skins. Such product is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog the skin pores.

Oil-based serum is slightly thicker and ideal to use before sleep, and for dry or aging skin that needs a protective barrier on the epidermis to keep safe from the external aggressors. This type of lipid-based serum contains oils, other emollients and active substances that are soluble in fats. What’s interesting, many vitamins need fats to have the effect so oil-based serum is usually deeply nourishing. It aims to prevent skin aging, brighten dark spots, even out the skin tone, and soothe irritated skin. Instead of oil serum you can make use of pure oils: argan oil is an excellent example known to anyone these days.

Have you got a favorite face serum? Share the name and results in a comment!

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