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Who would think that perfumes might lead to divorce? Smell is very important especially when it comes to interpersonal contacts, health, and even the quality of clothing and jewellery. Find out whether perfumes can really cause damage. Feel invited to read my post concerning fragrances.

Perfumes trigger allergic reactions

As many cosmetics do, perfumes can cause side effects alike. Irritations and rush can develop on people whose skin is sensitive or allergy-prone. How to avoid such side effects? Obviously, before you use particular perfumes, run the allergy test first. Spray your skin, the area that is under your clothing or the area covered by hair (belly, forearm, the rare part of your neck). Once 24 hours pass and you don’t notice any irritation, you can use the perfumes freely. Also, it’s advisable to undergo examinations in a clinic that will reveal whether you are allergic to particular ingredients typical for perfumes or not. Moreover, in order to avoid irritations, instead of spraying your skin, distribute the fragrance either on your hair or clothes. If you find neither method good enough, replace the perfumes with a mist. But why do perfumes irritate in the first place? There are a few reasons why. For example, their expiration date has come to the end, you store the fragrances in impropriate conditions, they aren’t original or they simply are fake.

Perfumes might put you in bad mood

Indeed, there are perfumes which can worsen one’s mood. How is it possible? Simply because each of us is affected by various smells differently. To clarify, when applied to our skin a particular perfumes might smell wonderfully, but when applied to somebody else’s skin, it may smell terribly. Therefore, when we wear unpleasant and irritating aromas, our mood can become way worse. Also, it frequently happens that strong and unpleasant fragrance causes headache, nausea and even anger. I bet, each of us has her favourite and hated fragrances.

Perfumes discolour skin

Alcohol and essential oils the perfumes include can cause skin discolouration. This adverse reaction of dermis is typical when we expose the skin sprayed with a fragrance to the sun rays. If you want to avoid discolorations, don’t apply fragrances before taking sunbathes or before visiting a solarium. During summer, it’s suggested using mists or products where the alcohol content is small. However, if you really can’t go out without having your favourite fragrance on, spray it onto your hair or clothing.

Perfumes might ruin your jewellery and clothes

Metal alloys included in jewellery and ingredients of perfumes frequently react. The effects? Discolorations and mattifying of our accessories or even allergy reactions. Therefore, it’s suggested applying fragrances first and then putting in the jewellery. Unfortunately, perfumes might destroy our clothing. Some substances the fragrances are made from leave permanent marks on fabrics. Definitely, you shouldn’t apply perfumes on satin, silk, velvet and synthetic fabric. Take into consideration also the fact that some cloth can distort the perfume’s aroma.

Perfumes dehydrate hair

Everybody knows that the smell of fragrances remains on hair the longest. Sadly enough, frequent scalp and hair perfuming can have serious consequences. Strands become weakened, dull, rough to the touch and dry. Sebaceous glands start producing more sebum so as to maintain the moisturisation at good level. As a result, the scalp will be greasy, dandruff will came along accompanied by irritations. However, if you don’t want to resign from hair perfuming, use fragrances hair mists or perfumes with less alcohol content.

Perfumes and divorces

Unpleasant aromas of perfumes might lead to deterioration of social relations, loss of job, health, life and even the second half. Most of us prefer staying away from the people who don’t smell good. Similarly it may happen with our female/male partners. Definitely, unpleasant aromas don’t make people close, in fact, this works the other way round; off-putting fragrances can lead to break-ups.

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