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Sheet masks became true beauty trend these days. Contain natural components and are highly effective, but the use happens to be tricky. Read below about what you should never do when using these cosmetics.

First, do not take off the protective foil.This protective foil is necessary for the application. Thanks to it, your mask does not clump together in the packaging, it is easy to take it out and unfold. However, before you apply the mask on your face, remove the foil, which can impede the nourishing ingredients’ absorption. What is more, the sheet mask with the foil on will not lie on your face too good.

Second, the sheet mask do not adhere to the skin. Sheet mask needs to be pressed against the face, so that air, dirt and other elements would not get under it and impede its action. Remember to thoroughly match the holes in the mask with your eyes and mouth. All the uneven areas smoother with fingers; try not to stretch the sheet mask over the face, so it would not get damaged, or the skin suffer from the irritations.

Third, you place the sheet mask over the make-up. In spite of it sound peculiar, some girls apply sheet mask over the make-up. As it is not difficult to figure it out, use of cosmetic in this manner is not going to provide any results. The components will not even get a chance to be absorbed by the deeper skin layers. What is more, the sheet mask texture is going to cause all the make-up cosmetics to run down your face. Therefore, you should always remember to remove your make-up and clean your face before applying the mask.

Fourth, you leave the sheet mask for too long or too short.If you leave the mask on for too short time, it will impact the action and effects. The components contained in mask will not have time to be absorbed and to properly nourish skin. If the sheet mask will be left on for too long, you can then suffer from skin irritation. On top of it, the sheet dries and has unfavourable impact on skin — absorbs all the nourishing ingredients and causes dryness.

Fifth, you do not use up all the sheet mask essence. You take out the mask and you apply it on your face, then you throw out the packaging where plenty of the serum is still left. You do not even realise how many beneficial components are wasted. Next time, all that is left inside the packaging, rub in the skin and wait few moments till it dries. You can also just pour it into the small bottle and left for the next sheet mask application.

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