None of you has any doubts that in the pursuit of perfect appearance, right next to the hair important is our skin. We want our face to look rested, fresh, smooth and radiant, but not shiny or dry. We want our skin to have perfectly even complexion and we want to conceal all the imperfections and wrinkles… what wrinkles?

Most of the foundations work only for a short period of time, which is more or less 2-4 hours after the application. The dream of natural and beautiful skin rarely has the opportunity to come true. Unless you give a chance to this little miracle worker – Dior Dream Skin Perfekt Skin Cushion. What makes it this miraculous remedy for perfect skin appearance? Most of all, it not only conceals all the imperfections but also conditions skin. Its “marvellous power” is based on two natural components: Longoza and Opilia. Longoza is a flower cultivated on Madagascar and valued for its beautifying and strengthening properties for the skin. On the other hand, Opilia is a plant found in tropical regions of the world and grows yellow plum-like fruits with rejuvenating hydrating and anti-oxidant properties. Thanks to the power of the described above plants, the cushion foundation improves skin appearance, eliminates free radicals and effectively covers all spots and discolourations. I was taken by the high sun filter of Dream Skin (SPF 50).

Dior Perfect Skin Cushion has a form of a cushion, is placed in a round jar and you get a spare insert… <3 During the application it is just amazing: has runny consistency with exceptionally light formula, the application is a dream because it spreads really well on the skin. You can apply it with your fingers or a flat foundation brush. Dream Skin precisely blends with skin leaving your skin with a sense of comfort. You can also feel it in touch: my face became perfectly smooth almost immediately after foundation application. It is really hard to end up with a mask effect. The foundation ensures perfect, natural effect while concealing skin. It is available in only four shades due to fact that it blends with skin so well that can match every skin complexion. Choosing right colour of the product is easy, you no longer have to choose from “sixty” different shades where one is exactly the same as the next one and the previous one. Then you walk out of the drug store and in the light of day it always turns out that we have an orange face. Dream Skin truly leaves skin beautiful as a dream. I intend on trying other products in this collection and when I only lay my hands on it – I’ll review them for you.

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