Mascara is a beauty product creating amazing effects. It is able to turn your look around and define the eyes in seconds. However, to make it possible, you need to choose the right mascara. Finding the best one took me years! Check out the products that I rank the most highly!

How Many Mascaras Have I Tested So Far?

I’ve been using mascaras for many years. I guess I applied the first one in junior high school so you can only imagine how many mascaras I’d tried over the years. I used drugstore products and others. At first I was happy with any mascara but after some time I started to notice that some products would leave my lashes stuck together which definitely wasn’t the look I was going for.

While my makeup skills were getting better and better, I was searching for mascara that wouldn’t merely work well but it would create flawless makeup. I wanted my eyelashes to be:

  • long and defined
  • perfectly separated
  • neat and clump-free

I know most of you want the same from mascara, which is why I created a mini-guide and roundup of the best mascaras that I rank the most highly.

Mascaras That Never Fail. Check Them Out!

I rank four mascaras that I either used or still use. I’m not doing this to promote products and brands. I only want to share my reviews that may prove extremely useful for you.

So, go through my mascara reviews and make use of my experience.

the best mascara

#1 Nanolash Mascara

The mascara Nanolash is the product I’m using now so my review is definitely up to date. First I should mention the brand offers two products:

I’m using the Nanolash Length & Curl Mascara now. Pick out the one that suits you the most.

With this product, you don’t need to worry about mascara flaking. Nanolash mascara is solid and long-wear, not falling on cheeks or flaking. It also doesn’t smudge from sweat and heat.

The brush is the thing I like the most about the Nanolash Mascara; perfectly shaped and made from silicone. Thanks to that, the product is brilliant for separating the lashes. There’s no clumping. No wonder this mascara is ranked first, right?

mascara lashcode

#2 Lashcode Mascara

The Lashcode Mascara has lengthening and thickening effects. I use it and the Nanolash Mascara by turns. This one also has a perfectly-shaped brush which is solid, separates the lashes and doesn’t create any clumps.

You won’t need to worry how long it stays put because this mascara stays untouched all day, also goes through a wild party. It doesn’t flake during wear or leave unwanted smudges on the eyelids.

#3 Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume

Maxi Lash So Volume is a mascara that is to give lashes incredible volume. I used it for a long time but then I got the Nanolash Mascara. It wasn’t because of poor results. I can’t say it didn’t work well.

It comes with a solid wand which grabs short lashes easily. I also never had problems with applying more than one layer. I guess the biggest flaw is the mascara flaking after a few hours of wear.

#4 Lancome Oscillation Power Mascara

The Lancome Oscillation Power Mascara… As far as I can remember, it was my first “professional” mascara that I invested in. I was quite happy with it but it was never my favorite.

Without a doubt, it was long-wearing, plus didn’t flake or clump. However, the brush was the biggest problem. Because of fluffy and short bristles, it was tricky to work with. I never used it on corner lashes because I didn’t want to risk getting mascara on the eyelids.

What do you think of my picks?

Girls, the roundup presented the best mascaras I’ve had a chance to use on my lashes. Now I’m using the Nanolash Mascara and love how my lashes look. I heartily recommend Nanolash. It never fails.

At the same time, I realize that lashes differ and we need to get the right one that works best in our case. When reviewing the products, I wanted to draw your attention to the mascaras that I think should be appreciated.

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