My skin is combination. And yours?
Oily? Dry? Matte? Mature? Acne?

Regardless of the problem you have with the complexion, there is always a solution to deal with it. Somehow you can’t cope with the ugly skin imperfections on your own, beauticians throw up their hands, and the dermatologists don’t know the source of the ailment. Does it sound familiar? I bet, it does. There is yet another solution which is known as holistic skin care. In this entry I’m explaining what it’s all about.

Beautiful skin = Healthy skin

There are plenty of factors that influence the way our complexion looks like, and these include our lifestyle as well as factors originating from the external environment. Holistic approach towards skin care equals taking into account all the aspects that can have impact on our appearance. Applying another exclusive face cream won’t solve our problems if other damaging factors remain unlimited. I would like to convince you that thanks to holistic skin care we can obtain effects of greater power. More beautiful skin is the outcome of multi-aspect action where important is what I’m going to describe below.

  • Beware colour cosmetics
    Visibly worsened condition of complexion is frequently caused due to make-up. How is it possible? The most damaging for our skin are the ingredients included in colour cosmetics such as talcum, pigments, silicones, waxes, paraffin and fragrances. It’s hard to shun of such substances in make-up products therefore completing the set of cosmetics that won’t cause danger to our skin’s health isn’t an easy task to accomplish.
  • Don’t believe eco products
    Eco approach towards skin care is important but not the most important, though. Among all these natural cosmetics you can came across the ones that despite being rich in vegetable substances, aren’t suitable for us. Simply you can be allergic to one of the ingredients which will cause more harm than good. For example, beware coconut oil which when applied to dry and acne skin can deteriorate its condition even more!
  • Change your diet
    You are what you eat. Does it sound banal? Too bad, but that’s the truth. Condition of our skin originates from our inside, which means that everything we eat translates into our complexion’s state. I recommend introducing into your diet the following items: nuts, fish, wholegrain products as well as rich in antioxidants vegetables and fruit. Try to consume the right amount of water daily. Soon enough you will find out that your skin will say thank you with a beautiful radiance.

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