Hey, girls!

Today, a word of warning. I’m sure many of you – at least once in a lifetime – have forgotten to remove makeup or simply haven’t felt like doing it. Result? Dirty bed sheets, irritation, acne, smudged makeup products on your face skin. What else can happen to your skin?

Bacteria, bacteria, bacteria…

If you don’t remove makeup and cleanse the skin, you make a huge mistake. Dangerous bacteria and germs proliferate on the dirty skin; skin pores are clogged; acne and blackheads occur. Is your skin very sensitive? Apart from pimples, you can suffer from serious dermatological diseases. It is said that not removing makeup leads to the occurrence or deepening of wrinkles. Some ingredients of skin products also worsen the skin condition. Silicones, paraffin, mineral oils and other heavy substances settle in skin pores, causing inflammation. What’s more, makeup smudges your bed sheets. Sebum and sweat get inside the material; dead skin cells make an excellent medium for allergens and bacteria.

Skin ages quickly

You don’t like removing makeup? It’s really bad. Your skin will be dehydrated, irritated and covered with wrinkles in the future. If you don’t condition the skin now, you’ll see the results of your neglectfulness in several years. If you don’t remove makeup, you can’t apply moisturising or firming cosmetics that prevent wrinkles or even age spots. To make things worse, you won’t be able to protect the skin from free radicals that speed up ageing of your skin.

Damaged eyelashes

Eye diseases, brittle lashes, irritated eyelid skin. Such unpleasant things will happen if you skip makeup removal routine. Eyes and the skin around them are very sensitive and prone to damage. Use lightweight and moisturising products for removing mascara. Remember to remove it gently to avoid weakening the lashes. Gently press a cotton pad to the eyelid; makeup will dissolve and your skin will be clean after a while.

Skin condition

If you don’t cleanse the skin, you’ll see how its tone and appearance change quickly. It will get dry, dull and sallow. The skin will lose its elasticity; wrinkles will appear; your face will be covered with discolorations. What can you do to avoid such unpleasant surprises? Regularly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin. Use good quality products and go to a beauty salon. The skin will thank you for such a wonderful care.

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