You wish your face shape wasn’t round? You don’t like your face shape? We all have things we don’t like about ourselves. We are all beautiful! It doesn’t mean, though, we shouldn’t try to enhance this beauty. That’s what make-up and… hairdressers are made for! 🙂

Do you know there are hairdos that can make your face look slimmer? You can enhance the feminine facial features with the right hairstyle and layering. Discover the best hairdos for round face!


A thick fringe with a parting in the middle is the worst option for round face. Such a hairdo makes your face look fuller and rounds the cheeks. If your face is wider, modify the hairstyle. Get rid of the bang. Your face will look slimmer. Fringe makes the hairdo heavier.


The easiest way for slimming the face is… growing hair. The rule is simple: the longer the hair, the slimmer the face. Shoulder-length is the minimum. You must think of layering because sharp cuts emphasize the roundness of the face. On the other hand, don’t grow your hair too long.


If you think of the most attractive hairdo for your face shape, learn to make a bun. It is the best hairdo to optically slim your face. A high bun looks elegant and elongates the face. An impressive bun draws attention, especially if you decorate it with a beautiful hair clip. It’s a trick that draws attention away from e.g. a wide jawline (that we want to stay unnoticed). It’s one of my favorite face slimming hacks.


Although we’re celebrating the comeback of tumbling curls, it doesn’t mean everyone looks good in such a hairstyle. In case of the long face, it looks okay but if you have round face, it won’t look attractive. Straight, at least medium length hair makes the face look longer and slimmer. Invest in a hair straightener or keratin smoothing treatment and you will never have to worry about your cheeks looking too plump. 

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