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What are your associations with the word plasma? Are they science fiction video games, movies about spaceships, or maybe physics and chemistry? Today, we are going way beyond that and talk about plasma used for aesthetic medicine treatments. It’s said that plasma works on the places where regular cosmetic treatments can’t affect the skin. I’m talking here specifically about the eyelids. If you have mature skin and if you aren’t afraid of cosmetic and technical newcomers than you should give a try to this treatment. Also, you can talk your mother, grandma or aunt into undergoing one.

What is plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It’s a matter that contains molecules charged positively, negatively and neutrally. Where is the origin of plasma? The greatest amounts of this mysterious substance is in the Universe. Also, plasma is present on our Earth in so-called plasma canals which develop during lightning discharges. But what is the connection between plasma and aesthetic medicine?

Plasma and aesthetic medicine

It turns out that quite a lot. Thanks to technical developments, a special cosmetic devices were constructed that are able to produce plasma. Such machines are used for skin rejuvenating treatments. Such a treatment is beneficial especially for people who need to make their skin look younger without undergoing any invasive methods. How do devices generating plasma work?

Such a device uses alternating current and direct current. It produces a very high temperature which results in electric arc formation (it resembles light). Then, it transfers from gas form into plasma. The device’s head generates impulses of temperature reaching 1500ºC (2732ºF). However, don’t worry. The head doesn’t touch skin and the treatment is performed with local anaesthesia. Additionally, the whole procedure lasts a few minutes. During the treatment skin becomes covered with millimetre scabs that flake off within a week. At this time it’s crucial to protect the skin with sunscreens.

When to undergo plasma treatment?

Plasma treatments are used as an alternative to eyelid surgery. Thanks to the procedure, skin becomes more supple and the crow’s feet become less visible. Moreover, this type of a treatment is good for removing marks, warts, acne and small stretch marks. The contraindications of undergoing plasma treatment are pregnancy, breastfeeding, autoimmune diseases and serious skin ailments.

Girls, are you willing to undergo plasma treatment?

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