When it’s a scorching hot day and sand is searing our feet, it’s hard to maintain even the minimal degree of comfort that you are used to. It isn’t also always possible to successfully protect skin against high temperatures and the sun rays. For that reason, today I’m going to tell you which cosmetics to use on hot days and how to use them appropriately. Beautiful skin and invigoration guaranteed.

Refreshment and relief

Cosmetics designed for summer are supposed to deliver refreshment and relief. They are meant to ease ache and the tired leg syndrome, they provide skin with pleasant cool. If you need such products, try to find cosmetics featuring mint, menthol or eucalyptus extract. In spite of the fact that they won’t lower your body temperature or soothe irritations caused by the sun, surely they will provide you with freshness and spryness.

Body care water

In the form of lotion or as a cosmetic’s component. Water, since it’s the ingredient we’re talking about, shall be find useful for body care, no matter its form. Thanks to it, metabolic rate will be balanced and skin protected against dehydration. Throughout a day you should drink approximately one and a half litre of fresh water; naturally, this quantity should be larger depending on the lifestyle you lead, whether you practice summer sports, lie on the beach, plan to take long trekking trips or cycle more than usually. Moreover, it’s a good idea to supply an organism with water through cosmetics. Thanks to them your skin will be more firm, moisturised and protected from damaging external factors. Also, the skin aging processes will be significantly delayed.

Light make-up removers

In the summer it’s advised to resign from using make-up removers which consistency is heavy and dense. Instead go for micellar lotions, herbal waters or spray products. At the same time, make sure that they are efficient enough to remove colour cosmetics completely, even the waterproof ones. What’s worth realising, cosmetics of light formula are known for being really good moisturisers, they soothe irritations and supply skin with many nourishing ingredients.

Hair moisturiser

Summer is hard on our hairdos. The sun, salty sea water and high humidity make hair lose its natural shine, become dull, dry and damaged. If you don’t want to expose your hair to such distress, you must provide it with the right care. Therefore, keep applying moisturising mists, masks and conditioners. Don’t forget to make use of products containing sunscreens – these are natural oils that can be applied not only to the length of hair but also the scalp as well as a serum for hair ends.

Moisturising BB cream

If possible, try not to use heavy foundations in the summer because they can clog skin pores. BB creams, which serve two purposes at a time by replacing a foundation and a day cream, work way better on hot days. Such beauty products deliver medium coverage, even skin tone, camouflage minor discolorations and simply make face look better. BB cream protects skin from solar radiation, soothes irritation and nourishes.

Refreshing face mask

A face mask featuring menthol will cool your skin down and soothe it. If it also contains, for example, hyaluronic acid or collagen, the product will additionally moisturise skin and make it more taut. In general, a face mask should be applied to clean face once or twice a week. In order to achieve even better results, you can apply a mask delivering similar action to your neck and cleavage as well. Such products tend to have light formula thanks to which they don’t clog skin pores. Their application and removal is really easy.

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