They offer a wide range of uses and save me whenever I get into ‘beauty trouble’. They are irreplaceable when it comes to skin care and treatment. They work immediately or after a few uses. They never let me down.

I present 5 hot products that make my life much easier – in the kitchen, bathroom and other places. Discover ingredients used in beauty care that should be in every house (like a sticking plaster or a safety pin).

Coconut Oil

It is so popular that there is no need to introduce it. Everybody should have it at home. I recommend an unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil that is the best for skin and hair. If you gently heat it up, it works for scalp and hair oiling. Coconut oil can replace massage oils, body lotions, make-up removers, facial creams, eye creams and even shave gels. Used topically, it helps to treat atopic dermatitis. You can even use the oil for washing make-up brushes (mix it with liquid soap). Moreover, it can save pregnant women from stretch marks and soothe cradle cap in infants. These are only some of the uses of coconut oil. I have not mentioned how great it is in the kitchen.


I was not convinced of using flaxseed in beauty care, remembering my mum who made me drink jelly-like flaxseed for my stomach problems when I was a child. However, I cannot question the fact that flaxseed boosts hair growth. We can also use it for making a gel to define curls – pour flaxseed with water, let it harden for more or less 24 hours. Flaxseed gel works ideally when you rub it into allergy-prone skin regularly. It delivers relief and speeds up skin repair. Added to the bath, it also helps in atopic dermatitis treatment.

Potato Flour

Surprised? So was I. There are so many cases in which this simple ingredient helps. Potato flour works as a dry shampoo and transparent mattifying powder because it absorbs sebum. It helps to treat eczema, redness and other skin conditions. Just mix a bit of flour with water and wipe skin lesions with the mixture. Add a few tablespoons of potato flour to water for a perfect anti-rash bath. Apply dry flour to the skin affected by burns and rash.

Olive Oil

We do not need the whole set of oils. A universal one is enough. I believe olive oil is irreplaceable. The best thing is… a good quality food olive oil is ideal for beauty purposes. No need to run around drugstores. I like to enrich ready-made products with olive oil or apply it solo to the body, nails, face or as a hair serum. In my opinion, you can make the best of olive oil when you use it for hot oil hair and scalp treatment.

Baking Soda

Last but not least product that is a must in my house. Baking soda has the most original uses in beauty care. Add a spoon of soda to bathtub to heal wounds and eliminate redness. Mix water and baking soda to make a paste for removing blackheads from the nose skin (better than ready-made strips!). What is more, you can prepare a DIY whitening toothpaste that also removes plaque.

Do you know other uses for these products? 

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