In the middle ages freckles were considered as a symbol of witches. There were also cases reported that medieval people used to burn women at stake just because they had freckles on the face. No wonder why many people associate freckles with something bad, think that such a characteristic feature has to be hidden since they blemish the face. To be honest, I used to share a similar opinion. And when women finally managed to master the art of camouflaging, today’s hit are… metallic freckles! Brightly sparkling, easily seen from the long distances that add festival look to each make-up.

No more freckles hiding!

It wasn’t that long time ago when women did their best to make freckles less visible. We know many ways to obtain such an effect – apply a strong covering foundation, using highlighting face masks and so on, and so forth. Today, such techniques are find useless because freckles are getting back in their good graces. More and more often we don’t hide our natural freckles but we even add some more dots on our cheeks and nose to bring the natural freckles out.

(My) two ways for freckles!

The summer festival time is coming, and we don’t necessarily want to look natural under the stage. The open-air concerts require a little more crazy look which we can obtain by defining our freckles. Basically, all you have to do is apply a light BB cream to even your skin tone and let the freckles stay visible. But what should be done if we don’t have freckles or they are so delicate that we would like to bring them out?

  • Colourful freckles
    Show your freckles off due to vivid colours. Rainbow version of make-up with visible freckles equals applying spots of various colours. These can be only pastel-shaded, metallic freckles of different colours or just random mix of colours. It’s the rainbow effect that counts.
  • Metallic freckles
    Less crazy and more elegant version of make-up are the metallic freckles. Similarly to metallic tattoos, metallic freckles are available in silver or golden version. When applied to the sun-kissed skin, the effect is outstanding and the tiny elements add shine that any highlighter wouldn’t ever give.

How to do metallic freckles?

There are many ways to get the freckles, both metallic and the colourful. I’m going to share with you the methods I tested and which I know are effective.

  • Colourful freckles can be done on cheeks and nose due to colour eye or lip pencils. The most important thing though is the lifespan of the product. You need to use the high quality pencils so as not to let the freckles vanish with the sweat and last a few hours of partying.
  • I recommend to make metallic freckles by cutting out the metallic tattoos. You can shape you own freckles and stick them to your face using water.
  • Both versions of festival freckles can be produced using special face tints and a thin brush. The only drawback is that metallic face tints are hard to get.
  • For the ‘energy-saving’ people, I recommend looking for the ready-made face stickers online. You will enable to get the colourful and metallic freckles without putting any effort into it.

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