Growing long hair is a piece of cake! We have often heard it from those who have no idea about the topic. Every girl, who has tried to grow her hair, knows what I mean. It is a longsome process; you need a lot of patience and persistence. Hair often refuses to look the way we want it. When its length is somewhere in between the ‘before and after’, it does not look nice. I have been there… But, believe me, EFFECTS ARE WORTH THE EFFORT!♥

We want our hair to be fast-growing, very strong, luminous and healthy. Following a few simple rules is enough to truly enjoy the process of growing long hair.


1. Do your best to keep hair ends from splitting

It is a very simple dependence. If hair tips are not split, we do not need to cut them down – we do not lose the length we managed to achieve. How to protect hair ends from splitting? I encourage you to protect them e.g. with hair oils or silicones that prevent mechanical damage. Tie your hair up while you are asleep and on rainy, windy or frosty days.

2. Focus on the scalp care

The life of hair begins in the scalp which is like a factory. The condition of the scalp decides about how quickly hair grows and how healthy, thick and dense it is. If we take a proper care of the scalp, cleanse it (I recommend a gentle scrub), use scalp lotions and nourish hair bulbs in many different ways – we can get the maximum of our hair. Let’s care for the scalp using a variety of methods.

3. Massage the scalp to increase blood flow

The rule is connected with the thing I just wrote. The better the blood circulation in the scalp, the more nutrients the bulbs get so the effects are better. Obviously, the massage does not have to be a separate treatment. You can lace it with your daily rituals e..g massage the scalp while washing hair or applying an oil. 2-3 minutes a day will be enough to see a difference in hair condition and growth speed.

4. Avoid the potential harmful agents

We hardly ever realise the number of damaging factors for our hair. I advise reducing the most popular ones that are the most destructive. Give up blow-drying (let hair air-dry) and heat-styling e.g. hair straightening, thermal rollers or curlers. Stop bleaching, coloring and exposing your hairdo to the work of chemicals. Let your hair look natural to make it healthier.

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