Hello everyone!

I’ll say it straight away: I am head over heels with Shea butter!

I have no idea why I discovered it so late!

It is standing on my bathroom shelve, but to be honest, it should be standing on some kind of a pedestal 😉

Every time I use Shea butter I hear angelic choirs and the sky opens up at me: D

I had no idea that this inconspicuous butter can bring such tremendous effects and be so multi-functional.
But let’s start from the beginning.

How is Shea butter made?

His homeland are the regions of Africa. Karité tree, from which shea butter is made, feels best in a warm African climate (you can meet the tree in 19 countries of this hot continent). The western part of the continent is where the majority of karite trees can be found. It is also worth knowing that the second name of the African butter comes directly from the name of this tree, therefore shea is referred to differently as karité butter – both names are used interchangeably. Shea butter is produced by cold pressing of seeds from fruits produced by the karité tree. Its name according to INCI is Butyrospermum Parkii Butter. 

Shea butter – how to pronounce it?

Many people have troubles pronouncing the name of this product. Let me help a bit, the proper pronunciation is  ‘shee-uh’.

How does Shea butter work?

Shea butter is valued around the world. It is known for its anti-aging properties; it delays aging processes of the skin and the hair, delivers resilience, radiance, smooths out the skin and balances its level of hydration. Shea butter is the source of vitamins(A and E), and phytosterols (they have the ability to synthesize collagen, reduce elastin degradation, as well as moisturize and tighten the skin). Additionally, it contains allantoin which is responsible for softening the skin and hair. In other words, Shea butter: beautifies, moisturizes and rejuvenates.

Shea butter – how to use it?

It is no coincidence that Shea is called ‘butter’ – even though it is oil extracted from seeds, it is not liquid consistency. How to soften Shea butter then? You must remember that it changes its state only after reaching 37 degrees C. At any lower temperature, it thickens and reminds the consistency of butter. Therefore, to make it easier to apply, you should heat it up first. You can do it by rubbing it in your hands, (warm up small amounts of the butter at once) and apply to the hair and scalp. You might as well dissolve it in a water bath. However, if you decide to go for the second method, always make sure that the water is not boiling because then, the butter would lose its valuable properties and vitamins. The best temperature to warm it up is 45-55 degrees C. For applying it to your body, hands, feet or nails, heating it up is not necessary – it will melt anyway when in contact with the skin.

Shea butter as a body lotion

Just perfect! Not only it smells great, but also it is great at hydrating the skin as it does not allow it to dry. Thanks to Shea butter, the skin becomes smooth, elastic, its colour is enhanced and the product is quickly absorbed. I love applying it to damp skin after taking a shower or a bath when the absorption is increased. What is more, Shea butter helps in the fight against stretch marks, and when used to massage cellulite-affected body parts – will help you overcome this problem as well.

Shea butter as a face cream 

It is especially recommended for mature skin: it improves elasticity, stimulates collagen production, thanks to regular use, it will make fine lines less visible. Additionally, Shea butter provides the skin with valuable vitamins, good fatty acids, and shields from toxins and UVA and UVB radiation.

Shea butter as an under-eye cream 

I have used many eye creams and I must admit, many of them did not even come close in action to this inconspicuous butter:) It works well on the delicate skin under the eyes: moisturizes, improves elasticity, prevents water loss, and…well…there must be a grain of truth in the saying that Shea butter is an ‘iron for wrinkles’:)

Shea butter as a hair conditioner 

In regard to the hair, Shea butter has much more to say! It works amazingly as a hair conditioner; as an overnight treatment; perfect when applied from the mid-lengths of the hair to the tips, or only to the ends as a 100% natural serum. It is also a wonderful conditioner for wet hair.

I often apply it not only to the ends but to the entire length and the scalp in the form of a mask. I do not go to sleep with it but I do everything to leave it in for at least two hours. Then, I wash it out and blow-dry as usually. It leaves my hair soft, glossy and resilient. What is more, I know that the 2 hours is enough for the valuable ingredients to reach the hair bulbs and stimulate them to work. Moreover, I also like Shea butter because it does not overburden the hair, on the contrary, it lifts it at the base and leaves a lovely scent. I strongly recommend it! See for yourself!:)

Shea butter for nails

Fragile, dry and brittle nails, will welcome Shea butter with relief. They will become more resistant to damage, flexible and moisturized, and will stop chipping. she butter can be rubbed into the nails always when you feel like it (even several times a day), but remember to use it at least once a day 🙂

Shea butter for hands and nails

Say goodbye to dry hands and feet:) Shea butter will take care of even the most dehydrated and cracked heels – it is best to apply it before bedtime; rub a generous amount of the product and put on cotton socks. In the morning your feet will be fully regenerated!

What is more, Shea butter will work well as a lip, elbow and knee moisturiser. Men can reach for it to tak care of their beards (it softens the facial hair and prevents dehydrating).

Shea butter during pregnancy – is it ok?

Of course, dear future mums! Shea butter is natural and delicate, it is even suitable for very sensitive skin, so it is good to moisturize the belly to prevent stretch marks.

Shea butter opinions 

To be honest, I have not come across any bad reviews of Shea butter. I think it is just impossible to say something bad about it:D However, as a matter of fact, it might not be as beneficial when it comes to high porosity hair care. It has small particles and can cause frizz to the damaged parts of hair, other than that, it works wonders. I’d like to award it with a title of cosmetic of all time. I also discovered that it works well on hair when combined with other natural oils!

Have you ever used Shea butter? Do you have any secret recipes to use it? Please, share them with us! Thank you! 🙂

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