Cosmetics sets are the things I absolutely adore. One of my recent favourites is Drawn.In. Decked.Out. from Smashbox. Thanks to this one product, I am able to do my whole makeup and all in just a few minutes. How is it possible? Keep on reading and you’ll find out everything. 

Drawn.In. Decked.Out. – a palette different than the others? 

Now and then, the Smashbox brand likes to surprise us with its interesting products, original shades, or unique graphic designs of the packaging. The same was in regard to the Drawn.In. Decked.Out. palette. This cosmetic has been decorated with Ana Strumpf’s drawings – she’s a Brazilian-origin artist. The palette comes with a mirror, 15 eyeshadows of matte or shimmery finish, two cheek blushes and three face contouring powders (a bronzer, a highlighter and a cosmetics that gives mattifying finish). It’s a pity though that the brand did not attach any kind of applicators to the set.

Drawn.In. Decked.Out. palette – makeup

Smashbox palette is recommended for girls with light and medium skin shades. Drawn.In. Decked.Out. contains cosmetics in shades of pink, beige, gold, purple, green and grey. The products are highly pigmented, provide good coverage and natural effects. They do not oxidize on the skin (they do not become darker), do not fall on the cheeks and do not accumulate in the fine lines. Depending on the number of layers you apply, you can get varied coverage.

How do I use Drawn.In.Decked.Out. from Smashbox?

I use this palette every day and the makeup I can d with it is suitable for every occasion. I start with applying a primer, then, the foundation. Those two products are, unfortunately, not included in the set. Nevertheless, I use my two favourites from Photo Finish series also by Smashbox. Next, I go in with the bronzer, highlighter and a bit of blush and contour my face. Once I am finished with the face, I proceed to the eye makeup. The shades I use depend on where I am going, whether it is work or a meeting with friends or an important event, I alter the shades and techniques. My personal favourite look is the smoky eye so I do a lighter or more dramatic version of it. All you need to do is to brighten the inner corners of the eyes to make them wider and darken the outer to create the impression of depth. I add a thin line to the lashline with an eyeliner and use a waterproof mascara. All done, I am ready to go.


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