Every single day… I try to figure out the best method for boosting hair growth. I have tested lots of products and natural techniques yet I am still looking for a better way. So far, castor oil is the winner among hair growth boosters. It delivers spectacular effects but it has one downside which makes it hard to apply: it is very thick and oily.

I decided to test something new and stumbled upon

HAIR JAZZ SET – conditioner + shampoo

Hair Jazz website promises that the products increase hair growth by up to three times and inhibit hair loss. The hair is supposed to become soft and shiny whereas the effects – last long months after completing the treatment. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I got tempted… You only live once! It is about the beauty of my hair so I must try everything. 🙂

What are the results of using Hair Jazz products?

Their active ingredients stimulate hair follicles to quicker hair growth. During a four-month treatment, hair growth is supposed to be increased (even by 3 times). According to clinical tests, hair gets 1.1 inches longer (maximum growth – 1.7 inches) after 30 days of the treatment.

What are Hair Jazz products composed of?

Hair Jazz is a highly concentrated combination of proteins that occur naturally in hair stem. These are: Keratin, Chitin, Soy Protein and Egg Shell Extract. These active ingredients encourage hair growth whereas vitamin B6 adds nutrients.

Okay… It sounds perfect and unbelievable. Does it work in practice? I have tested the products and offer the answer!


Hair Jazz is an interesting solution for those who find the traditional castor oil unsuitable. It is easier to use a shampoo and conditioner rather than struggle with a very thick oil. Definitely, this is a plus of Hair Jazz. The shampoo lathers very well and excellently cleanses my hair. Hair Jazz conditioner is lightweight and gently conditions the hair, without weighing down.

‘Gently’ is the key word. The effects of using Hair Jazz products are not as spectacular as the producers promise. Sadly, when it comes to action, castor oil wins. My hair grew a half of inch but it is normal in my case. After the first use, I noticed my hair got softer and shinier. They are good conditioning products but are they worth paying such a high price? Nope. There are other interesting hair growth boosters you can choose from.

For the time being, I stick to castor oil. I am going to test another product. Nanoil hair oil caught my attention. Apart from a quite large amount of natural vegetable oils, it includes innovative substances for hair growth. Who knows, maybe this oil will turn out to be a better choice for my hairdo?

Keep your fingers crossed!

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