today’s post is devoted to things that make us look older. Sometimes we make small mistakes adding a few years. Sometimes there’s not much we can do about some factors but they’re still worth knowing. I’ve rounded up six things making your face look older. Do they sound familiar?

When it comes to our faces, we are ready to leave big bucks in a drugstore to get back skin firmness and youthful look. We spend piles on professional procedures, book appointments with best beauticians, have botox injections and thread face lift done…

Does this all make sense? Sometimes, it’s good to take a break, think for a while. Is there anything we can present to our skin without spending a fortune?

Daily skin care

I’ve been giving some thought to my skin care and whether I’m doing anything to keep it pretty. The conclusions are pretty…sad. I don’t pay much attention to my meals and sometimes consume unhealthy fast food filled up with chemicals. I forget about drinking water regularly. Instead of curing acne, I camouflage it with a concealer. There are so many things I should improve, I’m aware of that.

And that’s what this post is about. Appearance of your skin reflects how you care for it. The reality shows us that we tend to make lots of mistakes and we don’t attach importance to things that unnecessarily make us look a few years older.

What ages your face the most?

Dermatologists and cosmetologists point out a few things making our faces look older than we actually are. Wanna know these enemies? Read on!

1. Drooping mouth corners

Too bad, the time isn’t our ally and likes to present us with some souvenirs… Droopy mouth corners take youthful look away mercilessly and – to make things worse – make us look constantly sad and gloomy.

Is there a remedy? Yep! Face massage, exercising (face yoga), appropriate creams for elastic and tight skin, the right make-up. Plastic surgery should be a last resort.

2. Yellowish teeth

Many women are self-conscious about the crooked bite whereas yellowish teeth are far more aging! I don’t say you must have snow-white fake-looking teeth. I mean healthy, elegant whiteness.

There are lots of remedies for yellowish teeth such as whitening paste, whitening  stripes or a homemade toothpaste with… active charcoal (I heartily recommend it!).

3. Ultra-matte make-up

The skin isn’t naturally matte: it reflects the light and has a delicate shine due to a little amount of sebum. When we fight with unhealthily shiny T-zone, we tend to go to extreme, getting a maximum matte effect. This doesn’t look natural and actually enhances fine lines and gives the hated older look. Bear that in mind!

In this case the easiest thing you can do is throw out your matifying powder and get along with a highlighter.

4. Heavily or unevenly tanned skin

The times when suntan was a thing, no matter if this was natural or not, are gone. Today we choose feminine gentleness so your tan must be delicate, goldish and unexaggerated. If it’s too dark or (worse) uneven (suntan lines are passé), it surely makes you look older.

Remember you can grade the intensity and shade of your tan using sunscreen. Don’t give in to the sun!

5. Sleepless nights

If you’re past your twenties, a sleepless night is likely to leave you looking much worse. The skin needs sleep to repair. If you fail to provide it, it will be dry, dull and saggy. Dark under eye circles and puffy eyes don’t take away the years either.

My advice: get your beauty sleep!

6. Cigarettes and other habits

My mom always says a woman with a cigarette looks no good. Of course it’s a matter of taste but I’m also a fan of addiction-free lifestyle. The reason is simple: cigarette smoke has extremely bad effect on skin. Toxins accelerate aging and cause cell under-oxidation. Alcohol does the similar, drying out and damaging collagen fibers responsible for skin elasticity.

Is there anything you can do to avoid rapid skin aging? Don’t smoke cigarettes and don’t overuse alcohol. A glass of wine enhances blood flow but more will be hard on your good looks.