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I’m happy to welcome you on my blog again. Today, I’ve prepared another post belonging to the “home hair care tips” series. This very day we’re going to discuss the topic of split ends and damaged hair. I know that many of you have this problem, hence this post.

If you think that split ends are the end of the world and that the only way out is getting them cut at a hairdresser’s, please just read this post first, will you? I’m going to give you my proven methods of dealing with split ends. The good news is that the techniques I’m revealing in the moment are easy on the pocket, you don’t need anyone to help you with them, and most of all they are efficacious (I’ve tested them myself).

Why do we get split ends?

Let’s start with a few items of information concerning the factors that make hair ends split. We often think that we take good care of our strands, that we are gentle to them, yet there is one day when we notice that the ends are split, dry and affected by frizz. Why?

The most common reason for excessive split ends is the mechanical damage. Damaged hair is weaker and brittle at the tip. Let me show you the list of the factors that harm your hair the most:

  • tugging the knots during detangling.
  • sleeping with loose hair (it knots while we sleep).
  • frequent use of a flat iron or other heat styling tools.
  • unskillful hair coloring/bleaching.
  • sun exposure and lack of UV protection.
  • malaise (diseases, stress, bad eating habits).

My advice: Prevent instead of healing

It’s far more difficult to repair the hair that is already damaged than prevent the very damage from being caused. I know that it’s all easier said than done, especially when our hair is already split. Still, I’ll do my best to talk you into taking care of the hair before it’s too late. Just be gentle to it and I’m sure it will pay you back with stunning looks! 🙂

Alright, prevent. But how?! Speaking from my own experience I can tell you that the best ways to deal with split ends are the easiest ones. You just have to remember to:

  • tie your hair up and arranging it in a loose bun before going to sleep.
  • use heat protection products.
  • cut down on coloring/bleaching.
  • apply natural oils to the hair ends.
  • be gentle to the hair and eat healthily.

Only that much is needed to strengthen the hair and prevent the ends from splitting. However, if my ways of preventing the hair ends from splitting didn’t work out for you, or when it’s too late for you to prevent this since your ends are already split, it’s time to reach for some heavy weapon – we need to get these nasty split ends repaired.

Can you fix split ends?

When you start looking for some pieces of advice on how to repair split ends, you come across some info that rules itself out. One says that there is no power on this earth that would help you merge the parts of hair ends together, whereas the others claim that you have to use some miraculous cosmetics designed for hair ends only.

The truth is that not all hair ends can be fixed. In extreme situations you have to cut the hair ends out – if every single hair end splits into two (or three) so your hairdo resembles a haystack, then the hairdresser’s scissors seem to be the only sensible solution. However, if the situation isn’t that bad, then luckily there are a few ways to fix damaged hair with these nasty split ends. They are worth the try, because it may appear that one of them will help you get the fabulous hair you want to have.

Ways to fix split ends – TEST

In a moment you’ll learn three most popular ways to fix split ends that I tested for you. Obviously, this is a completely subjective collection of the ideas that I personally find worth spreading.


For a start let me present you an all-natural way that depends on treating the hair with natural oils. In the case of split ends, I’d recommend you using a blend of two oils: argan and cottonseed oil. The former repairs hair and protects it from high temperatures. The latter is also responsible for repairing the hair and is proven to be effective on hair ends. I suggest applying the oil blend to damp hair and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. If you want to, you can wrap the head with a warm towel to help the oils penetrate hair faster due to the warmth.

Does it work? Well, sometimes it does, on other occasions it doesn’t. I kept applying the oils to my hair ends for a month and a half and I think I managed to bring back the good looks to the majority of the hair ends. Sadly, the most damaged hair ends remained unchanged. Well, actually their appearance has improved slightly because now I find them smoother and more shiny.


Another method that I decided to try out is hair lamination. Obviously, I did it myself because I told you that today you’ll learn only the at-home treatments to fix the split ends. The entire procedure depends on spreading gelatin and natural oil over the hair, which is supposed to help strands regenerate faster. The proteins that gelatin contains have a beneficial effect on the hair. It’s also known for helping merge the parts of split hair ends.

Does it work? Definitely, it does. I’m super happy with the results because after home hair lamination my strands immediately became prettier, smoother and lustrous. Just few such treatments and I managed to reduce the problem of split ends almost to zero. Totally worth recommending.


For last Olaplex that you were talking me into pretty strongly. I’ve heard that you can perform this treatment at home – you just have to get yourself a special cosmetic kit, best if it contains only the original Olaplex products. Well, the first obstacle is getting the very cosmetics (they are available only in special shops supplying hairdresser’s salons). The cost is yet another sad issue to handle (this kit is expensive). Finally, you have to know how to apply all the products correctly (it’s quite challenging). Analyzing all these conditions, I resigned from exposing my hair to at-home Olaplex treatment, although I was really eager to find out whether it would restore the disulfide bridges and reconstruct the distressed hair of mine. If you too are curious the effects produced by this treatment, I’d advise you to visit a hairdresser – don’t try this out at home.

Let me know if my today’s post turned out to be helpful for you and whether it bring you closer to winning the battle for stunning and strong hair 🙂

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