I’m more than certain that most of you have already heard about retinol. They keep extolling retinol as an ingredient that visibly rejuvenates skin and, in general, has an amazing effect on complexion. On the flip side, there are many myths surrounding retinol and, as a consequence, it’s not clear what is true about this substance, and what is not. Does it really take years off? Does it trigger allergy? Is it true that retinol deals with acne? In a moment you will learn the answers.

Retinol: 5 Things You Need To Know

1. Retinol has another name – vitamin A

Indeed, a common constituent of many skincare products named retinol is this well-known vitamin A. Do you know that the letter “A” means that this vitamin was discovered as the first one in the world! Yes, vitamin A is the very first vitamin known to humanity, later recognized for its anti-ageing properties. It reduces the unwelcome blemishes caused by the passing time such as wrinkles, creases, fine line and pigmentation spots. Additionally, vitamin A is proven to be needed by skin cells, helping them divide properly. Lastly, the shortages of vitamin A in a body have negative effects not only on skin but also on vision.

2. Retinol is something more than just an anti-ageing agent

I know that this is the very first association that comes to the most peoples’ minds when they hear “retinol”, but this substance can do much more than helps you look younger. In view of the fact that retinol stimulates cell division, it improves skin in a number of ways: it’s able to fight back acne, psoriasis and photoageing. Moreover, retinol makes skin more supple, sweeps off free radicals and slows down production of melanocytes, and therefore it brightens up discolorations, improves skin suppleness. Last but not least, retinol helps skin exfoliate quicker, thus reveals a smooth and younger-looking face.

3. Retinol is something completely different from retinoids!

And that’s a fact! Retinoids are just retinol derivatives, having little in common in terms of delivering effects. Interestingly, retinoids are said to cause irritation in skin, therefore I’d suggest reaching for pure retinol. My advice for you is to read INCI to check whether the skincare product you want to buy is formulated with retinol, not its derivative.

4. The longer you use retinol, the better

Yes, this is also true. Retinol is a substance that delivers best effects when used as a long-term treatment, meaning that the longer you apply retinol skincare product to face, the better results you will get. Although you must be a little bit more patient than with other treatments, the wait pays off, trust me on that. Therefore, keep putting on retinol, and with time, when your skin gets used to vitamin A delivered with a cream or serum, you may increase the dosage. How to do it? Many cosmetic brands have products offering various concentrations of retinol (e.g. The Ordinary has 3 such skincare products).

5. Retinol beauty products are safe and suitable for everyone

And this is a revelation, huh? But that’s true! It’s commonly believed that retinol-enriched skincare products are developed specially for mature skin, and that they irritate, thus they aren’t for everyone. What’s the truth? Is retinol safe? It happens that retinol may intensify the itchiness and trigger psoriasis in hyper-reactive skin. It’s also said that retinol causes irritation in skin when exposed to the sunlight. Let me tell you one thing: nothing bad will happen to you if you know how to apply retinol. As mentioned above, you should start from the lowest concentration of retinol and increase it with time. This adjustment period has its name – retinization. Also, it’s important to use SPFs in the morning.

Retinol Skincare Products I’d Recommend

  • Nanoil Retinol Face Serum
  • Sesderma packs (Reti Age Cream + Serum, as well as Retises 0,5% + 0,05)
  • The Ordinary Retinol
  • Image Skincare Total Overnight Retinol Masque
  • NeoStrata Renewal Cream
  • PCA Skin Intensive Age Refining Treatment 0,5% Pure Retinol Night

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