Have you heard about face washing paste? It is something that recently took over the beauty industry. Washing facial paste and powders for face wash is natural and perfectly cleanse, smooth out, and refreshes skin. The use of it on a regular basis helps getting rid of redness and doesn’t require an exfoliator! Some of them are expensive because they contain, e.g. almond powder which happens to not be very cheap. However, you can prepare such paste yourself in the comfort of your own home. Today, I will present you with a few affordable and truly perfect recipes for face washing paste. Enjoy some DIY!

DIY – homemade wash facial paste

1. Face washing paste with pumpkin

It is the paste that incorporates the power of pumpkin flour and arachidonic oil (however, you can use any given nut-based oil – e.g. argan, macadamia, sweet almond). Pumpkin flour is not powdery so it will be great as a cleansing and exfoliating ingredient. This paste can make skin perfectly smooth and improve its suppleness and hydration. How to prepare it? It’s simple, mix the below ingredients:

  • pumpkin flour – 6 tbsp
  • sunflower oil – about 5 tbsp

Voila! The paste is ready, now you just need to massage wet skin of the face, best at bedtime.

2. Face washing paste with sunflower

This paste is an affordable option! It has truly marvelous conditioning properties and you can adjust it accordingly to your liking – the most important ingredient that should always be included is powdered sunflower seeds, so you need to blend them thoroughly. Mix:

  • blended sunflower seeds – 2 handfuls
  • any natural oil – e.g. almond, jojoba, argan; you will need 1 tsp
  • hypoallergenic and natural facial gel – about 2 tbsp

That’s all, your washing facial paste is ready! You need to use it just like the previous one, so you apply it to wet skin and massage it. You can complement paste with additional oils, some cosmetic clay, but also bee pollen or honey.

3. Face washing paste with walnuts for dry skin

I love this nutty, perfectly cleansing, and smoothing paste that is also able to balance sebum and provide skin with a pretty complexion. What is more, it smells increadible! And it’s easy to make, so just combine:

  • walnut flour – 7 tbsp
  • walnut oil – 3 tbsp

Did you know that paste is great also as a body exfoliator? Walnut oil contains plenty of unsaturated fatty acids. For oily skin, it is better to use a different oil, like jojoba or tamanu.

Do you know any face washing pastes? If you’re not sure if it is cosmetic for you, just try the easiest one: mix cosmetic clay of your choosing with oil and apply it to the face and wash your face for a moment. If you enjoy effects, you can try others with richer composition. Do you know any great homemade recipes for facial washing paste? Let me know!

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