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Cameleo SOS for Hair – anti-hair loss treatment

What’s the reason for choosing such a topic? I’ve been losing scary quantities of hair recently. I can’t even think of boosting volume or growth. I lose handfuls of hair with every brushing. It isn’t normal so I decided to do something about it. I went for one of the latest cosmetics – Delia Cosmetics Cameleo SOS for hair prone to thinning.

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are many different reasons… Improper hair care products, genetic predisposition, too often heat styling, toxins, diseases. In my case, there are two reasons:

  1. The change of seasons and weather.
  2. Using a straightener too often which leads to hair damage.

Action: stop hair loss

I’ve been using Delia Cameleo SOS for Hair products for three weeks. Quite new and worth attention products that have been ruling in drugstores for a few months. The first and most important step in my hair care routine aimed at strengthening. I avoid mixing different cosmetics because I want to check if a given product really brings effects.


The set consists of three products:

  • anti-hair loss conditioner,
  • anti-hair loss ampoule treatment,
  • active anti-hair loss spray.

I used up Cameleo SOS ampoules a few days ago; the treatment lasts 12 days. I rubbed the ampoules into the scalp and hair. Surprisingly, much less hair was falling out after 7 days. I used Cameleo conditioner during the ampoule treatment. The conditioner contains keratin, PP vitamin and hair reinforcing complex. The product delivers instant effects; it’s easy to apply and wash off, and leaves hair soft to the touch. After completing the ampule treatment, I reached out for the innovative Cameleo SOS for Scalp. It’s easy to use, has a lightweight formula and nice scent. I spritz my hair, rub it into the scalp and lengths. What’s important, it’s a leave-in product. The whole Cameleo range works spectacularly. My hair stopped falling out excessively after just a week! I recommend it to everybody who struggles with the same hair problem.

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