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Today I’m writing about a treatment that I’d been afraid to do but finally plucked up the courage. I mean the TCA (trichloroacetic acid) chemical peel. Contrary to many opinions, this method for exfoliating the skin is (almost) painless and brings amazing effects. Obviously, it depends on your sensitivity to pain and type of skin you have. The concentration of the acid also plays a huge role. In my case, it was 10% TCA and 15% Salicylic Acid.

How did I get prepared for the treatment? More or less three or two weeks before the peel, you cannot: exfoliate the skin, undergo phototherapy, use products with vitamin A, drink some herbs (marigold, hypericum), apply cosmetics with acids. You also mustn’t remove the hair from the areas that will be exfoliated with TCA acid. You shouldn’t apply make-up or creams on the day of the treatment. However, if you don’t like yourselves without make-up, the aesthetician will remove your make-up and tone the skin in the salon.

What does the treatment look like? At the very beginning, the aesthetician cleanses the skin with a product based on delicately exfoliating ingredients. They work similarly to products containing alcohol. They also have a similar aroma and some parts of my skin smarted when she spread it. When the mixture evaporates, the aesthetician applies TCA acid very quickly, using a cotton pad. Only a few drops of the acid are used for the peel. Why? It is a strongly exfoliating product that causes: frosting, then smarting, burning and redness of the skin. No worries, though! It is a perfectly normal reaction of the skin to the product. Depending on the reaction of our skin, the aesthetician applies next layers of the acids.

What happens next? After applying TCA acid (after about two or three minutes), the beautician cleanses the face and applies a mask. In my case, it was retinol mask. It is washed off with tepid boilt water after more or less 10 minutes. In the meantime, the skin gets orange or slightly brown. Then, you must apply a strong moisturiser or ointment. Remember to use sunscreen.

What happens to the skin within next days? TCA acid works inside the skin for 3 more days. The epidermis should start breaking and exfoliating. The face can be intensely red or even brown. That’s why, you must remember about moisturising the skin regularly. Use the moisturiser as often as you need. You can use your own products if they contain natural ingredients and have intensively moisturising properties. Use also the products recommended by the aesthetician. You mustn’t tear off the skin that comes off your face. It would lead to additional irritation and the occurrence of new discolouration. It is advisable to give up on make-up and stay home within seven days after the treatment.

Why did I go for the chemical peel? The treatment removes hyperpigmentation, evens out the skin tone, smooths wrinkles and cleanses the skin. You must undergo 4-5 treatments to enjoy such effects. The treatments are repeated every 3 or 4 weeks. After the very first procedure, I noticed my skin was smoother, softer, a bit firmer and had nicer colour. I’m really looking forward to the next treatments!

What are your favourite beauty treatments?

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