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The middle of the summer, the time for holidays and travels is on. If you are busy at work this summer, did not have time to think about what your skin needs on warm days and surely have no idea which products to take on holidays – let me help!

Here are my summer essentials. Maybe you will find them useful!

1. Lightweight non-greasy summer cream

It is obvious that our skin dislikes strong and heavy creams in the summer time. That is why I use light day and night products. I apply oils under the evening cream whereas in the morning I use a lightweight moisturising and mattifying serum with high SPF. The sunlight is the worst skin enemy and destroyer.

2. Thermal water

Apart from drinking two litres of water a day, I let my skin drink by spritzing it with thermal water or rose hydrolate a few times during the day. As a result, I can enjoy elastic and bouncy skin.

3. Under-eye cream

I make sure the cream is light and well-absorbed yet full of strongly rejuvenating ingredients. Yves Rocher Eye Cream with natural oils is my favourite this summer.

4. Aloe vera gel for body, skin and hair

A brilliant invention. Holika Holika contains 99% of aloe extract. It perfectly conditions the skin without leaving the residue. I also rub the gel into hair ends, hands, elbows and feet – an amazing relief on hot days. It soothes irritations and mosquito bites.

5. Speaking of mosquitos…

Anti tick and mosquito spray is in my beauty case as well. Special bracelets scaring insects away are also effective. Just keep in mind they lose their power quickly.

6. BB cream instead of foundation

I let my skin rest in summer and do not apply heavy foundations. A delicate BB cream is perfectly enough.

7. Fragrant body mists instead of perfume

They are universal, travel-size, smell amazing and refresh, cooling the skin at the same time. Mind that perfume and the sun are not good friends, and can lead to some pigmentation spots. On the other hand, a light fragrance mist conditions the skin.

I also put a foot cream and deodorant and waterproof mascara in my beauty bag 🙂 I am ready to take over the summer. Enjoy your holidays! 🙂 

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