All girls like mineral cosmetics. But what to do when the foundation is too dark, and you do not even want to think about throwing it away or giving it up? There are simple ways by which you can adapt it to the colour of the complexion.

Brightening foundation – basic rules 

Every cosmetic can be brightened or darkened. Just use other cosmetics in a light or dark shade. At the beginning, do not change the shade of the whole package. Check what the product will look like after brightening or darkening. All cosmetics should be mixed in a separate container and then try a new shade on the skin in the same way you do when shopping at the drugstore.

How to brighten a foundation?

What can you brighten a dark foundation with? You have several options to choose from. You can buy the majority of brightening products at drugstores or online. To brighten the foundation you can use:

  • another mineral foundation in a lighter shade – mix your foundation with another foundation from the same brand but choose one in a light shade. In this case, it’s a good idea to use remnants of foundations or samples that you can receive in drugstores. The composition of the products will be the same, so nothing will harm you;
  • Color Blend White – is a special cosmetic that changes the shade of other cosmetics. Contains titanium dioxide, mica and magnesium stearate, which perfectly brighten products;
  • zinc oxide or titanium dioxide – those ingredients brighten the foundation and are also UVA / UVB filters. The maximum concentration of zinc oxide should be 25%, and in the case of titanium dioxide – 15%. One of these substances usually occurs in mineral foundations, therefore always read the composition before use;
  • a light eyeshadow – it must be matte, it cannot contain shiny and pearly particles. You need to pay attention to the same components when you want to lighten the foundation with a highlighter. After all, you do not want the glow effect all over the face;
  • dry-flo starch – is a special product that absorbs moisture from the skin surface and conditions the skin. It replaces talc, is safer than it and has better performance.

Do you, girls, know some other ways to brighten the foundation?

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