If you think that perfect skin does not exist, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Each of us can have it, even you! All you need to do is to use a face serum from Vichy – Idealia – and your skin will change beyond recognition. For me, it worked 100%.

How To Have Ideal Complexion?

Of course, you can spend enormous amounts of money on cosmetics, or go to a beauty salon every week for facial treatments, you might as well use weird gadgets and tool…but what for? Hoping that someday the will help you…However, if you do not want to wait for the effect, you can treat yourself to SPA in the comfort of your own home. Simply include Vichy Idealia serum in your daily beauty routine. The product is designed mainly for people with mature skin with first signs of ageing. What is more, if your skin is constantly exposed to environmental pollution, solar radiation, and other harmful external factors then, Idealia from Vichy will be your remedy. The serum will take care of the skin whenever you do not provide enough nutrients nor proper care and signs of fatigue are too visible.

Idealia Serum From Vichy – effects

The serum from Vichy soothes the effects of adverse external factors, such as UV radiation, free radicals adverse weather conditions and environmental pollution. Moreover, the cosmetic smoothes out wrinkles, brightens dark under-eye circles and improves natural glow. By refreshing and enhancing radiance, Idealia reduces the signs of tiredness, for example after a sleepless night or a hard day at work. Additionally, the product moisturises, firms and beautifies the skin. Idealia serum by Vichy has been dermatologically tested, including sensitive skin. It contains no parabens and has a hypoallergenic formula. The composition includes strengthening and soothing thermal water – a secret ingredient of the Vichy brand.

How To Use Vichy Idealia Serum?

The application is facilitated with the pump attached to the bottle of the product. A small dose of the cosmetic is enough to take care of the whole face. Idealia serum has a lightweight, non-greasy formula that is quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily film on the skin surface. The product can be used instead of a moisturising cream or with it. Make sure to avoid the eye area and massage the serum thoroughly.

What is your method for ideal skin? Have you tried Idealia serum from Vichy? Do you like Vichy products?
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