I love hybrid nails – these are durable and remain chip-free for a few weeks. Moreover, hybrid manicure can be applied at home and the colour range isn’t narrower than what classic nail polishes offer. Since the moment hybrid manicure has become that popular I posted many articles on that subject, like for example, how to style hybrid nails. Today, I’d like to discuss a little bit different topic, which unfortunately affected me as well. The topic concerns the destructive influence the hybrid manicure has on fingernail plates.

Does hybrid manicure damage fingernails?

Unfortunately, it’s true that hybrid manicure poses a great burden for our nails. Obviously, not literary since it doesn’t weight hundreds of pounds, haha, but figuratively. Three or four hard layers of a base coat, a colour polish and a top coat can effectively cut fresh air off from getting into the nail plates. After all, fingernails also need oxygen since these are parts of our organism that grow. Basically, fingernails behave the same way hair does. And when hair is overburdened with cosmetics, it becomes brittle and definitely way more damaged.

Does it mean that it’s better to resign from hybrid manicure?

Not necessarily, but our fingernails would be grateful if we didn’t expose them to such a procedure frequently. Personally, I would recommend making a 2 or 3-week break between the sessions so as to give the nails the opportunity to regenerate. I did that when I noticed that my fingernails are really in a bad condition. Once your nails recover, you can get back to your nail technician and ask her to make your fingernails colourful again but… you have to stick to a few important rules!

How to take care of your nails to keep the hybrid manicure in a good condition?

I agree that this is a tough task because even the strongest and the healthiest nails become thick as a sheet of paper if exposed to hybrid manicure for too long and regularly. Fortunately, it’s possible to restore their health and make sure that even when we get back to wearing hybrid manicure the finger nails still remain supplied with nourishment and hydration thanks to which they won’t lose their vitality that fast.

My method: Collagen regenerative treatment

Natural collagen, alike elasticin, is one of the substances that makes up fingernails, hair and skin. The secret of youth and beauty resides in the collagen treatment – it makes fingernails strong and shiny. Also, this treatment is known for removing discolorations and smoothing hand skin thanks to additional natural substances: pink sand and aloe leave extract. Collagen nail treatment can be performed either at home or at a beautician’s. Personally, I’m more for the second option since only then can we be sure that the treatment was done the right way.

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