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I absolutely adore scented cosmetics! My dressing table is full of many flower and fruity cosmetics for skin care and make-up. Today, I want to describe products that can be used even if you are allergy sufferers and your skin reacts in irritation to fragrances. 


Peony brightens complexion

Did you know that the peony root extract brightens the discoloration, restores the radiance of the skin, energizes and refreshes? Thanks to it, your face will look beautiful, young and flawless. In addition, the peony softens irritations and puffiness under the eyes. Extract from this beautiful flower can be found in Nuxe Paris Nirvanesque. It has a firming, smoothing effects as well as reduces fine lines. It is recommended to all women after 30 years of age.

Rose Hip smooothes wrinkles 

Rose hip extract contains many vitamins, flavonoids and pectins. Cosmetics with these ingredients have rejuvenating, firming and brightening effects. They smoothe wrinkles, reduce discoloration and moisturise the skin. What’s more, they provide a beautiful aroma that stays on the skin throughout the day. Rose hip extract can be found in Pai essential oil, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. This product soothes irritations, moisturizes and reduces visibility of pigmentation.

Chamomile sothes irritations

The soothing properties of chamomile are familiar to most of you. It works great for people with allergic skin, conjunctivitis and acne treatment. Chamomile contains bisabolol, which provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In drugstores and pharmacies, there are many chamomile cosmetics. Instead, you can drink chamomile tea or rub your face with chamomile infusion.


Neroli relaxes and calms

Neroli is an oil made from bitter orange flowers. Some believe that its smell lowers blood pressure levels and cortisol (stress hormone) levels. In other words: neroli calms and relaxes. This healing ingredient will be found in mists and perfumes which are available in Yves Rocher store.

Jasmine stimulates the senses

Can you believe that jasmine is an aphrodisiac? It perfectly stimulates the senses, reduces stress and brings you to the mood of relaxation. You can apply it before your first date or important celebration (such as a wedding). Perfume with Jasmine fragrance can be found in every drugstore. If you prefer delicate aromas, try the Bali mist from Clarena SPA. This product is perfect for summer and travelling.

Ylang-ylang provides energy and self-confidence

If you have an interview or a stressful job, use a product with ylang-ylang extract. Apparently, the aroma of this plant strengthens self-confidence, reduces stress and helps to relax. Try Givenchy perfume, Ylang Austral for women and men.

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