Dark under-eye circles, dull skin, swellings…that’s how the face looks when you pull an all-nighter. What if you have to wake up early in the morning and look perfect? Luckily, lack of sleep can be hidden under makeup. Would like to know how to do it? Keep on reading…

Take care of your skin 

During the night, the skin has the time to regenerate, rest and absorb nutrients contained in creams faster. Why would you take away this precious time? If you didn’t manage to sleep for at least 7 hours, in the morning you will see dark under-eye circles, dull complexion and many imperfections. How to deal with it? In the evening, before going to bed, make sure to remove the makeup thoroughly, devote some time to exfoliate dead skin cells, apply a face mask. Also, remember to use a serum or a rich cream for the night and a good under-eye cream. If you have to run to a very important meeting in the morning, make sure to apply a moisturising and nourishing treatment before bedtime.

Face makeup 

If you want to hide the signs of fatigue, use highlighting cosmetics. Always apply foundation and concealer before powders and other loose products (blusher, bronzer, highlighter). Remember to use products of which formula is not too heavy and the shade is not too dark. This way, you could get the mask effect and make your skin look a few years older.

Eye makeup 

It is worth brightening the eye area as well. Use a light concealer to cover up dark under-eye circles and to enlarge the eye. Pear eyeshadows will prevent your eyes from looking tired. Shiny eye makeup cosmetics should be applied in the inner corner and on the upper eyelid. Smudge the waterline with a white liner, and generously coat the eyelashes with a mascara. Apply a lipstick or bright-coloured lip gloss to your lips. You can also add a colourless lipstick or lip gloss that will visually enlarge your lips.

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