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Is it possible to make your make-up look natural? Of course, it is! Just follow my tips to enjoy a beautiful face and flawless skin. How to apply make-up and look natural? Enjoy reading!

1. Let’s begin with the face make-up

Your skin needs to be properly-primed for make-up so first clean your face and apply a moisturiser. In this way you’ll care for the skin and get a flawless look. Washing and hydrating products must be in tune with your skin type and needs.

When the skin is primed, time for make-up. Apply a concealer to all blemishes – dark under-eye circles, hyperpigmentation, broken blood vessels, pimples. The concealer’s shade can’t be darker than the foundation and your skin tone. Tap the concealer in the skin and move on to make-up products. Apply a mineral foundation to oily areas of the face. In this way you reduce an unhealthy shine without clogging the pores.

Add some colour. Apply a bronzer to the nose, forehead, cheekbones and the tip of the chin. The cosmetic should be applied where the natural tan appears. Don’t forget about the blush, spreading it right below the cheekbones and blending with the bronzer. If you like, use the blush instead of the eyeshadow.

2. Time for an eye make-up

Draw a line with an eyeliner or a pencil. Its size should be right for your eye and face shape. If you want a softer effect, slightly smudge the line. Enhance the waterline with a white pencil. Thanks to such a trick, your eyes will look bigger. A similar effect can be achieved with a light concealer under the brow ridge. Apply nude eyeshadow, an extension and curling mascara.

3. Apply a lipstick

Use a slightly-shimmering lipstick in a natural shade. Make sure the lipstick has protective and nourishing properties. For bigger-looking and shinier lips, apply a blush or clear lip gloss in the middle of the lips. That’s it!

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