What would you do if you noticed a wrinkle on your forehead first thing in the morning? Would you panic? Would you run to a beautician? Would burst into tears? Trust me, none of this will help you. However, I can recommend you my way of maintaining beautiful and smooth skin. All thanks to Clarins Double Serum. 

Fight wrinkles twice as hard – a Double Serum from Clarins

The serum by Clarins is a biphase cosmetic that will take a complete care of all skin types. Both the water-based phase and the oil-based phase contain natural ingredients. Owing to the precious substances, my skin is stimulated to regenerate in five different ways. Clarins Double Serum restores the youthful glow, smoothes out wrinkles, firms the skin, cleanses and visually narrows skin pores and moisturizes.

What does the Clarins serum contain?

Double Serum by Clarins includes 20 natural ingredients. There is also one additional ingredient with a special task. It is turmeric that stimulates skin cell regeneration. Double Serum also includes: oats, thyme, chestnut, milk thistle, kiwi. Such a combination of components provides protection, regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition and hydration. What is more, the serum uses a technology to improve communication between skin cells. Tumerons, or polymers occurring in plants, served this purpose. Better and faster skin regeneration is the effect of their actions.

How do I use Double Serum from Clarins?

I like to apply the product before bedtime because the skin absorbs nutrients better and has all night to regenerate itself. The bottle with the function of adjusting the size of the dose is very helpful in the application. Simply turn and set the pump to the small drop on the packaging. A small amount of the product will be enough for combination and oily skin or in the summer. However, if your skin is dry or normal and the weather outside is cold, set the pump to the bigger drop. Next, apply the serum with circular motions to the face and neck.

Have you ever used Clarins Double Serum? Did you like the effects? What are your methods for a youthful look?

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