Cosmetics for body care, with the smell of famous perfumes, is something that I just like and need to have. That’s why I bought body lotion, shower gel and body cream from Tiffany & Co; The perfumes are already on my dresser. How did all cosmetics work? Keep on reading!

What do my new cosmetics have to do with diamonds?

Just have a look at the name of the brand. Of course, it is all about Tiffany’s yellow diamond that has become world-wide famous. The perfume creator Daniel Andrier was inspired by these precious stones. Diamonds and the way of polishing gemstones are also related to cosmetic bottles. One more feature distinguishes the Tiffany & Co brand from others. It is a turquoise liquid of perfume and shower gel, as well as the colour of the box in which the products are packed. According to the brand, the colour of the packaging refers to the colour of a thrush egg!

How do my cosmetics from Tiffany & Co smell?

Both in perfumes and cosmetics for body care, we can sense the same fragrance notes. The green mandarin is a note of the head, the iris flower – a note of the heart, and patchouli and musk – a note of the base. The base notes last the longest and the shortest are the notes of the head (they disappear after about an hour). The whole thing is combined with the aroma of iris, which stands out from the floral-musky fragrance. Who would like such perfumes? The fragrance will be definitely perfect for elegant and glamorous women.

My cosmetics from Tiffany

I use them for special occasions only. I like to rub the cream or lotion into the skin, and then sprinkle it with perfumes. This smell persists throughout the evening. How do the cosmetics work? In addition to the fragrance, they do not miraculously stand out from products I use every day. Shower gel cleanses the skin well, and the cream and body lotion moisturize, smooth and firm. Everything is complemented by the gorgeous perfumes.

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