Castor oil has been haunting me. I encounter it everywhere I go! Recently, I constantly come across its descriptions on the net, I see it as a component of hair and eyelash serums, and in shampoos. It “haunts” me by, showing off the pharmacy shelves, and as a component of many oil mixtures for hair. I think it’s time to deal with it;). This is how the Castor oil gets a separate entry on my blog. Let’s get started!

Everything about Castor oil

Let’s start with some basic facts. It is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). It is rather thick and rich so the application might be a bit difficult. If you decide to use it on the hair, make sure to be extra patient as it might take time and be a bit nerve wrecking. When it comes to washing it off the hair you may need even more patience;) it might be necessary to shampoo your hair even three times! It can be easier if you have a stronger shampoo but this, on the other hand, contains SLS which is a contradiction to hair oiling! The first place to get it is your regular pharmacy mainly due to its medicinal properties: it supports the digestive system and helps with all kinds of gastrointestinal complaints.

Castor oil use 

I will skip its healing properties and go straight to the merits, that is how the Castor oil works in cosmetics. It can be applied to the hair as well as the nails and brows. When wandering around the nooks and crannies of the Internet, I have discovered that it has a beneficial influence on the lashes as well! Apparently, Castor oil is able to boost lash growth!

I’d like to dispel the myth straight away! Since the application of Castor oil to the hair, brows and nails can be justified, I strongly advise you not to impose it on your lashes, unless you want your eyesight last a little longer. Just think it through: thick, greasy substance that makes your eyesight foggy all the time (the whole world looks as if you’ve lived on foggy marshes)… I honestly do not think it is a good idea. I probably wouldn’t help myself rubbing the eye constantly. Not only I could end up with an eye infection or inflammation, but in addition, lashes instead of strengthening – would be rubbed non-stop and thus pulled out. Some nice regeneration! In terms of eyelashes: there is a reason why someone invented eyelash serum. Currently, it is a product that is unbeatable when it comes to lash care.

Castor oil for nails – in this case, you can remain calm – Castor oil is suitable for nail care so it will gain applause from me;) It moisturizes, improves the condition of the nail plate, enhances its elasticity and makes nails less brittle and splitting. Simply rub a bit of the product into your nails, preferably twice a day and you can enjoy the results after about two weeks. Oh, and one more thing, I often come across questions whether Castor oil can be imposed on painted nails. Hm..well, no. The nail polish creates a layer on the nails that blocks everything from penetrating, and that would include Castor oil as well.

Castor oil for hair

Now I could literally go on forever about the use and effects of Castor oil on hair, but that would probably bore you to death. I’ll do my best to make the long story short and briefly tell you that Castor oil is one of the most interesting oils to be used in hair care. It perfectly cleanses – leaves the skin fresh and the hair – healthy and strong. It also improves the condition of hair bulbs – that is exactly why hair grows faster. In other words, it is one of the best oils that increase hair growth. Its uniqueness results from the fact that it contains an organic fatty acid called ricinoleate. Although the oil on its own is thick, the particles of this ricinic acid are fast absorbed by the hair and are able to restore the strands from within.

Castor oil for hair – effects 

The effects are gooood!:) Hair becomes nourished, strengthened, shinier, grow faster, stopped falling out and the scalp is clean, fresh and has an appropriate level of hydration. Castor oil also helps overcome dandruff.

How to use Castor oil on hair?

My recipe is to use Castor oil is easy and I am almost sure that your hair will also like it. The rule is simple, do not apply it on its own because it is too thick and thus, it is hard to wash off. Castor oil feels good when accompanied by other oils therefore, you can either mix it yourself with another oil or hand your hair over to the experts and purchase a ready-made hair oil blend that includes this particular oil. 

Castor oil can be applied to dry or wet hair – depending on your personal preferences. It is worth remembering that wet hair absorbs oils easier and the substances get to where they should a lot faster. Bear in mind that regardless whether it is applied to dry or wet hair, Castor oil needs to be washed off.

How to use Castor oil on brows? – in this case, you do not have to rinse, rub and massage anything;) Just apply some oil to your finger (literally a drop for one brow) and smudge over your eyebrows with one move. You can as well dip an old (but washes) mascara wand in the oil and then apply the oil to your brows – this will give them a brush as well.

That is all!:) Is it worth trying out Castor oil? In my opinion, definitely yes! It is unique and versatile! What is your opinion, are you for or against? Please, leave a comment, I’d love to hear about your experience with this precious substance!

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