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Today’s topic: brow pomades! You guys often talk about them and ask what is it, whether is it better than styling gel and which pomade is the creamiest, most long-wear and waterproof… In a few words: which brow pomade is the most recommended and worth spending money on? I think my rundown of the best brow pomades plus a handful of information about these products might help you make a decision.

What is brow pomade?

Brow pomade is a whole new perspective on makeup. It’s unique because it looks different from most makeup products. Its consistency is creamy and the product is waterproof so it ensures long-wear makeup. Thanks to this product, you can define even very skinny and sparse eyebrows with precision and shape them correctly. Even though the pomade is as thick as a paste and intensely pigmented, it lets you achieve a natural effect and camouflage cavities in the areas where you have fewer brow hairs. The best brow pomades, obviously, give the best effects in makeup. 

What is the best brow pomade like?

The best pomade for precise makeup is, of course, the one that colours the best, has great rich shades and pigmentation, is long-wear and waterproof, and its price is affordable. It turns out that a good brow pomade at a budget-friendly price exists and you don’t have to choose the most expensive one in the drugstore to get beautiful eyebrows. I decided to try out several various pomades from different price ranges.  Well, the effects were… different, too.

Brow pomade – how to choose the best product?

In order to choose the best brow pomade, all you need to do is read my ranking down below 😀 It will guide you to the right choice so your eyebrows always look flawless! Seriously now, the best brow pomade is the one that works best for you in brow makeup and doesn’t complicate anything: its consistency should be creamy, soft and malleable. The colour of the brow pomade matters too. It’s obvious that if you have fair hair, you’re going to look for blonde-like shades and brunettes will choose the brown or dark brown options (the last colour is also recommended for very dark hair). What’s important, the chosen shade of the brow pomade should as natural and neutral as possible to match both cool- and warm-toned skin colours.

Is a tinted brow gel better than pomade?

I don’t think we should compare the two as both give various makeup results and colour brows differently! Besides, a brow gel can be used with the pomade as the last step in makeup that sets it and defines hairs. It’s a very cool option and I often do my makeup this way.

Brow pomade – ranking. My list of the TOP 4 best products

OK, time for the “most recommended brow pomade”. Which one do you think is the best? My ranking includes only a few products but I assure you, these propositions are the best of the best. It’s worth it to learn more about them as brow pomades of the highest quality result in effortless makeup and stunning effects! <3


This waterproof, creamy brow pomade impressed me more than any other product I’ve tried – it’s soft as butter and it’s the most pigmented! Dear readers, for me it’s the best brow pomade at a favourable price and large capacity. You can be sure that every makeup look attempt will be successful! The colours are very natural-looking and they present a wonderful look on the brows. I own all three of them because I love combining them and creating more effects. Because the price is budget-friendly I could afford to buy every colour variant which wouldn’t be financially possible with expensive brow pomades by Anastasia or Kat Von D. It colours excellently well and glides on the skin smoothly – all you need is the Nanobrow pomade and a good brush to go through a full makeover! I highly recommend you this product 100%! <3

The Nanobrow pomade – where can you buy it?

I didn’t encounter it in local shops but you can easily and quickly buy it at www.nanobrow.us and in other prestigious drugstores online.


It couldn’t have been any different! The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade is a brilliant product although its gel formula got me thinking… I don’t know if this product, often described as a brow gel, should have its place in my ranking, but I checked and the official Anastasia BH website defines it as a brow pomade. It has an unusual consistency and combines the characteristics of both gel and pomade. Most importantly, it creates remarkable and long-lasting makeup. The Anastasia BH glides on the skin smoothly and I’m positive you’ll like the fact that there are several colours to choose from. I prefer a more limited range because when I’m forced to choose one shade from so many others, I get dizzy and confused… It’s better for me if a product has simple variants: blonde, dark brown, brown etc. Then I know exactly where I stand 🙂 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade – where can you buy it?

This pomade is, of course, available in most local drugstores and shops online. You will find it with no difficulties but because of the wide shade selection, I don’t recommend ordering it online for the first time. It’s better to visit a drugstore and see the shades in real life before choosing because they’re very similar and it’s easy to get confused.


I don’t think I surprised anyone with this choice. It’s a well-known fact that Kat Von D is one of the top brands as far as beauty products are concerned. Kat created a unique, one-of-a-kind product that can be used as pomade (the brown shades are all right) as well as eyeliner and lip liner and, if you blend the product well enough, it becomes a great lipstick or blush – the range of colours include reds, yellows, navy blues, greens, pinks and even white which brightens every other shade, creating a new one. 24-HOUR SUPER BROW is a product that you can use for your entire face makeup! The shades good for brow makeup are subtle and – similar to the Anastasia BH brow pomade – a little gel-like, creating delicate makeup. This brow pomade is fantastic, that’s true, but I don’t like its price AT ALL!

The Kat Von D brow pomade – where can you buy it?

You can purchase it both locally as well as online. I advise seeing the shades for yourself first.


Tarte is another amazing cosmetic brand that promotes obscenely overpriced products but their high quality is legendary! You probably remember their iconic concealer that became one of the best ones as of now. OK but what about their brow pomade? Is it the best and most recommended? It’s not number 1 in my ranking but I can recommend it to you with a clear conscience. It has intensely-pigmented nice colours. You will also appreciate it for being vegan and irresistibly creamy. The brow pomade dries nearly instantly so be aware: it’s difficult to remove it and do any touch-ups. However, its quality is very impressive, especially in the summer months or, for example, when you’re at a swimming pool.

The Tarte brow pomade – where can you buy it?

This creamy pomade waits for you in local drugstores as well as shops online.

How is it, guys? Did any of these brow pomades interest you? What shades do you choose? Let me know if you happen to have a different favourite brow pomade! Bye!

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