Shet masks are definitely my favourite form of face care. Recently, I have been using three products from Skin 79: All That Black, All That Aloe and All That Rose. How did they work? Are they as good as the masks I have previously used? Read the post and you’ll know everything.

All That Rose face mask 

It is dedicated to a sensitive and dry skin type with the first signs of ageing. The Skin79 mask is infused with both oil- and water-based Bulgarian Damask Rose extracts with anti-ageing benefits. The product soothes irritated skin, helps moisturise dehydrated skin, disinfects inflammation. Another very important ingredients are rose yarn petals. They have anti-wrinkle properties, improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels. Skin 79 mask rebuilds damaged tissues and reduces redness.

All That Aloes face mask 

It is recommended for moisturizing and firming all types of skin. Thanks to the content of aloe, the cosmetic provides in-depth hydration, regeneration of the damaged skin and improves blood circulation. The mask from Skin 79 will be useful for those of you who have irritated, dry and damaged facial skin. You can also use it after finishing a dermatological treatment.

All That Black face mask 

It is intended for the care of mixed skin, oily and with a tendency to imperfections. the product contains carbon powder, which absorbs excess sebum, regulates the work of sebaceous glands, soothes inflammation and cleanses skin pores. The Skin 79 mask also contains vitamin B3, which restores the water-lipid layer of the epidermis, regenerates damaged skin and improves its hydration.

How to use Skin79 masks?

Each of the masks can be used once a week. They are designed for a single use; if you were thinking of reusing it, you must remember that they won’t bring the effects listed above. How to apply the face mask from Skin79? Firstly, you must take it out of the packaging very carefully and place it on your face. Make sure to adjust the holes for eyes and mouth and press it gently so it touches the skin evenly. Leave it in for about 15minutes. Take the time for yourself, relax, enjoy and allow the mask to work its wonders. After the required period of time, take the mask off and bad in any remains of the product.

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