Smooth skin seems to be an unattainable goal that we wilfully try to pursue. We know hundreds of methods, often associated with cuts and irritations. My Dear Readers, it’s time to end up with this torture! I have a solution for that! I’d like to show you alternative to traditional hair removal methods. Are you are curious how to remove unwanted hair safely?


Sugaring paste hair removal is one of the most natural methods of making your body smooth. Also, this is one of the oldest hair removal techniques that has been ever adopted by humans. That’s something, right? I used to be wrongly convinced that it sugaring paste hair removal rolled up to us fairly recently. Actually, the similar case is with oil hair treatment which also appeared to be an old beautifying method. However, this trend for sugaring developed in the 80’s of the 20th century, when many immigrants from Middle East arrived to the USA. Once they came, they bring the beauty rituals with them. And this is the story how sugaring paste hair removal technique spread across the whole world. 🙂

How does sugaring paste for hair removal work?

Hair removal due to sugaring paste depends on pulling hair out in a precisely defined way, which is applying the paste against the growth of hair to remove it with the growth of hair. How is it possible to get rid of hair thanks to sugar? It’s fairly simple. Delicately massaged sugaring paste makes the hair rise, the paste itself clings to the shaft tightly and gets into hair follicles. It’s very dense and sticky so it clings to hair and thanks to this the hair is removed precisely at tearing the paste away from skin – this step has to be done very fast. The hair sticks to the paste and skin becomes smooth!

Positive sides of sugaring paste use:

  • It doesn’t contain any chemical substances – it’s natural.
  • It pulls hair together with hair bulbs without the risk of breaking the hair.
  • It can be used by pregnant women, allergy sufferers and sensitive/capillary skin owners.
  • It is connected with significantly reduced discomfort despite delivering better results.


  • Eczema or small wounds.
  • Skin that has been recently exposed to chemical peeling, laser, sun.

Skin after sugaring paste hair removal. Does it hurt?

Sugaring can be compared to wax hair removal, yet sugar is said to be more delicate for skin (especially when the paste is applied warm). The hair removal itself might be slightly unpleasant, however, it always depends on our pain threshold. What’s interesting, women who have switched into using sugaring paste after years of using wax confirm that sugaring paste leaves skin in a better condition and contributes to lessened discomfort that is connected with the hair removal procedure.

In my opinion, sugaring paste is the better solution because once the procedure is over, skin is soft, silky and very smooth. It’s said that sugaring is a perfect method for sensitive, delicate or capillary skin – and there’s truth in this conviction. Sugaring paste is a way to get rid of hair without pain and irritations.

Which body parts can be deprived of hair due to sugaring paste?

Actually… every part! Owning to the fact that sugaring paste is gentle even for sensitive skin, you can reach for it even if you want to remove unwanted upper lip hair. If you care for removing hair from your face, there is no better option than applying sugaring paste. And it doesn’t mean that sugaring paste can’t cope with removing thicker, longer and stronger hair growing on our legs. Hair removal with the aid of sugaring paste is suitable for every body part. And the best thing about it is that sugaring paste can be used even by pregnant women!


Here’s the cry: Sugaring Paste Hair Removal! How to do it? I assume that most of you are just coming across the very procedure for the first time now and you have no clue how to remove hair with the paste. Let me help you with that! At the beginning, I’m going to give you a recipe for sugaring paste. Of course, you can buy a readymade sugaring paste at a drugstore’s but DIY cosmetics are simply better. No preservatives, no chemical substances and they cost less 🙂

Recipe for sugaring paste

  • 2 spoons of white sugar,
  • 60 ml of lemon juice,
  • 60 ml of water.

Sadly, it’s really hard to describe precisely how to prepare home sugaring paste for hair removal. Therefore, I suggest you to watch a few clips on YouTube to understand it better.

In general, you have to put all the ingredients into a pot and warm them up setting low heat. Stir until you obtain caramelized, brown and gooish mass. You have to be careful not to let the paste get burned. The optimal time of preparing the paste is 7-10 minutes, yet it depends on the pot you use, temperature and many other factors.

And here is where the hard part begins. The traditional Asian method says that the paste has to be poured into a marbled surface and being kneaded for a while. This can be difficult to achieve so let’s just skip this part; after all, your sugaring paste will serve you equally effectively without this kneading. You can pour DIY sugaring paste into a jar and put aside to let it cool down.

P.S. Sugaring paste might become dense, even solid, therefore before applying it to your body, try to warm it up delicately. You can put it into a microwave or water bath.

How to carry out sugaring paste hair removal procedure?

Before putting the paste on your body, make your skin ready for the procedure: disinfect, degrease and dry it. It’s important because this helps the sugaring paste to work better. Next step depends on the method we decide to adopt 🙂

  • Cold sugaring paste hair removal – split off a piece of the paste and knead it until it becomes flexible and of pale beige colour. After a few minutes of warming it up in hands, spread the paste on your skin, pressing it against the hair growth. Then, without putting your hand away, tear the paste off using a fast motion. You can use the same part of sugaring paste to remove hair from another body part.
  • Warm sugaring paste hair removal – warm the paste up until it becomes runny, yet not scorching. Reaching the optimal temperature is important so as to avoid irritations and skin injuries. Once you make the paste ready, spread it on your skin using a wooden flat stick (just like the one used for a wax hair removal procedure). Then, put on the paste a stripe of cotton cloth to tear it off using one vigorous motion (direction opposite to the hair growth).

How often use sugaring paste for removing hair?

Skin remains smooth for a few weeks longer when compared to wax hair removal procedure. To be more precise, the effect lasts 3-4 weeks. Of course, it depends on the pace at which our hair grows out.


Naturally, the procedure can be carried out in a beauty parlour because more and more salons offer such a treatment. Nevertheless, you have to be aware of the fact that the procedure performed at a beautician’s is more expensive than the hair removal you are able to carry out at home using homemade sugaring paste. How much does sugaring paste hair removal performed at a beautician’s cost? To be honest, I can’t give you the exact price range but you have to be ready to spend as much as for a bottle of luxurious perfumes. In my opinion, it isn’t economical at all.

Girls, what do you think about sugaring paste hair removal? 🙂

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