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Today we have a test of novelties from Maybelline, which means an objective review of Big Shot Colossal. It is yet another “yellow” baby in a very popular Big Shot collection (my friend tends to call them daffodils). This time it is not just a colossal version, but BIG COLOSSAL.

Colossal Big Shot Mascara is expected to quickly and efficiently make your eyelashes longer, denser and thicker — making them so expressive that are going to be visible from the satellite. Your eyelashes will embarrass the Great Wall of China.

The mascara has characteristic big… (big? You can go ahead and say fat!) yellow bottle. Does fat mascara = fat lashes?

When creating new mascara, Maybelline starts not with the mascara itself or its formula, but the brush. Every version of the mascara has different, more innovative and unusual wand. This particular version was also gifted with quite a wand: every silicone bristle on the wand is wavy. It is expected to intensify eyelashes appearance from the very first application.

I have to be honest: I believe in a perfectly designed wand, but this one is a bit too extreme, nonetheless. It gives me an impression of some sort of make-up dissonance: the wand instead of evenly administering the mascara, it just slightly bends the eyelashes. The second layer of Big Shot Mascara makes you look like a teenager that is just getting to know the mysteries of make-up: lashes are contorted, one is longer than the other and — when you think it cannot be worse — one is thicker than the other. I strongly advise against the application of the third layer. It will only clump your eyelashes in the stack of cracked spidery legs. In other words — this mascara is suitable for women with very short eyelashes. Any other lashes type should stay away from it. I have a feeling like Colossal Big Shot Mascara does not care about any make-up precision. It is like trusting with your eyelashes to some crazy make-up artist. This is just a colossal misunderstanding.

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