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Today I’m coming to you with a review of a product that has just swept me off my feet. I hope that after reading my post you’ll also order it for yourself because you’ll think: “Yes, this is exactly what I need!”

I’ve never thought that I’d get myself an eyebrow serum. To be honest, I’d never experienced any bigger problems with my brows – well, they weren’t super enhanced but I knew how to handle this. But it was Nanobrow that showed me new possibilities.

Do you want to know how my story with eyebrow serums began and why I recommend Nanobrow in particular? Go on reading! <3

My brows: back then and now

BACK THEN: They were pretty thin and fair therefore there were barely noticeable from the distance. Brow hairs used to fall out uncontrollably, which is why I could spot empty gaps in my eyebrows that I had to cover up with a brow pencil. Basically, my eyebrows were simply weak because I didn’t take care of them property.

It was no sooner than my beautician’s influence when I realized that I had to do something with that. She asked me how I took care of my eyebrows and I… didn’t know how to reply on that question.

NOW: The change that my eyelashes underwent – since I’ve started using eyebrow serum – is beyond recognition. They have become significantly stronger, stopped falling out in excess and got thicker. Thanks to this there are no more gaps in my eyebrows so I can resign from applying makeup to my brow ridge. Generally, my lashes are darker, thicker, shiny and enhanced.

My secret: NANOBROW

This is the first product that I bought when I had started getting into the ways of improving the state of eyebrows. And you know what? Probably you would say that my review isn’t trustworthy because I haven’t tried other similar products, so I can’t make a comparison. However, I’m not going to test other eyebrow serums because Nanobrow gives me everything what I need. It didn’t only fulfill my expectations but gave me even more than that. What in particular?

  1. My eyebrows are definitely less prone to thinning and are stronger.
  2. My brow ridge is complete, with no gaps, and it’s truly enhanced.
  3. I don’t have to buy brow pencils or bother with makeup.
  4. It’s way easier for me to style my brows now, when they are thicker.

How does Nanobrow work?

This is an eyebrow serum that – in my view – offers the most from all other products designed for brow care. Before I bought Nanobrow I had done my research and it turned out that the effects of Nanobrow are the best for this price. Now you know what made me buy this eyebrow serum.

Regularly used Nanobrow eyebrow serum affects the tiny brow hairs from the inside – it penetrates skin, regenerates and strengthens follicles, which is why:

  • eyebrows become thicker
  • they remain darker permanently
  • there are more of them
  • stops falling out
  • are more shiny and elastic
  • grow quicker

If you’re afraid that these are just some kind of promises, then fret no more 🙂 I tested Nanobrow myself and I was surprised how well it works!

Within first few days I noticed that my eyebrows were visibly stronger and more glossy. They become more elastic and neat. Simply, it was easier for me to comb them and style. Each day brought even greater improvement – the brows were growing thick and were getting enhanced without me putting any effort into this.

And by saying that I mean…

Incredibly easy use

How to apply Nanobrow? Just three steps are enough. Even the well-shaped applicator eases putting on the serum. Basically, you take this eyebrow serum into your hands and you intuitively know what to do next:

  1. Precise makeup removal and skin cleansing.
  2. Applying serum to the left brow ridge.
  3. Spreading the serum on the right brow ridge.

This is so incredibly simple that everyone is able to follow. Especially when realized that Nanobrow serum has a very good and lightweight consistency that penetrates quickly so it doesn’t have time to run down your face and irritate eyes. You can be sure that nothing like that will happen with Nanobrow.

What does Nanobrow contain?

No wonder why this is a truly light and at the same time incredibly effective eyebrow serum – its formula doesn’t include any redundant ingredients. There are almost 20 substances and each one of them was included into Nanobrow for a reason. What does Nanobrow contain and what effect does each ingredient produce?

The most important are substances responsible for accelerating eyebrow growth. There are a few of them, including the ones of plant origin. Thanks to them the eyebrow serum visibly thickens brow ridge and prevents brow hairs loss.

Of equal importance are also plant extracts: soy and wheat germ extracts, baikal skullcap extract or ginseng extract. When combined with arginine, glycerin and panthenol they take care of brow hairs in a comprehensive way, revitalize, rejuvenate and improve the look of eyebrows.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to give Nanobrow a try!
You’ll fall in love with this beauty product! <3

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