Mauve Obsessions by Huda Beauty is one out of four eyeshadow palettes which were introduced into some drugstores’ offers. Despite being a super small in size, it’s really a treat. How does it fulfil its mission? Go on reading.

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions. How does this mini palette look like?

Indeed, Mauve Obsessions by Huda Beauty is truly tiny piece of art. It fits the palm of a hand, so you can take it anywhere you want (work or trip). If you open the palette, you will notice a mirror (shielded with a piece of foil) and nine pink and violet shades either of matte or shimmering finish. As you have probably guessed by far, the palette is small enough not to store any applicators inside. Well, you have to carry some brushes always with you.

Make-up obsession with Huda Beauty

I guess, I’ve become obsessed with make-up because of Huda Beauty palette. Mauve Obsessions is amazingly well-pigmented, delivers very enhanced and durable effect, and the make-up is elegant, feminine and romantic. The shades are easy to apply, blend and create even look. They remain on eyelids for the entire day, the colour stays true all day long. I use them for both day and evening make-up. I find them being perfect to get smoky eye effect. With an eyeliner and a mascara the eye shadows look stunning!

How do I use Mauve Obsessions to apply my make-up?

I can assure you, the effect you’re going to obtain thanks to Mauve Obsessions will sweep you off your feet. The power of the eyeshadows is even more noticeable if you want to wear evening make-up. How do I apply it? Of course, I begin with applying a foundation and follow with an eye shadow primer. Then, I gather matte shades and apply them to the entire mobile eyelid and a half of above the crease area. Next, I apply ecru shade in the inner corner of the eye, and then, on the other side, I put on the darkest violet, and use the aubergine shade to blend the shades. I apply the dark shades to the lower eyelid, too. I mix these colours either with a pink shade of violet shade of matte finish. Now, it’s time for delicate shimmer. I use one of the glitter shades and put it in the middle of the eyelids; I don’t smudge it, yet pat it delicately using a brush.

My eye make-up is now ready! You should give it a go as well!

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