How to grow stunning and strong eyelashes in 30 days?

I know how to achieve this goal! Actually, I’ve got 5 foolproof methods of improving the lashes so I no longer need mascara and falsies. If you’re curious how to strengthen eyelashes using home methods, then I’m more than happy to share them with you. I’ll reveal my fave ideas so that you will be able to easily and effectively add more body to your eyelashes. Enjoy reading and… good luck 🙂

Eyelash care – the basics

Before you give a shot to my ideas for strengthening the lashes, think for a while – How does your current lash care look like? Are you positive that you manage to supply the eyelashes with everything they actually need?

Here is a short list of things that eyelashes like. I think they’re worth bearing in mind.

● Diet for strong lashes

You are what you eat. I know that it may sound cliche, but this is true. When the levels of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fatty acids – in our body drops, our lashes suffer. Following a well-balanced diet is the key because it may visibly minimize the risk of eyelash loss. You should make sure that your body is supplied with the adequate amounts of: zinc, silicon, vitamin E, B-group vitamins and omega acids. Look for them in fruit, vegetables, whole wheat products and even in oils, e.g. olive oil.

● Removing mascara coats without harming the lashes

Improper makeup removal is considered as one of the common reasons of weak lashes. Indeed, the way we remove the coats from eyelashes directly influence their condition. How so? Vigorous rubbing and pressing the cotton pad to the lashes may break the hairs and cause huge damage to them. Therefore, using natural oils to take off the mascara coats is regarded as the safest form of makeup removal. Castor and argan oil blend has two advantages: firstly, it allows you to take the mascara coats off completely (even waterproof mascara), and additionally it makes your eyelashes stronger.

My ways of getting strong eyelashes

Now when you finally realized how important gentle lash treating and good eating habits are, and when you mastered removing mascara coats, you can take up the action. Here are my ways to strengthen eyelashes that you have to give a go. Five best, hand-picked ideas that never fail.

1. Application of castor oil

The very first place is taken by a natural oil, of course. I’m a big fan of incorporating natural oils in daily beauty rituals. Particularly the oils like castor oil known as the best oil to promote lash growth (it promotes hair growth in general). All you have to do is remember to apply it to the lashes every day. You can do this by using an old mascara wand, for example. Naturally, clean it first. After 3-4 weeks you should be able to notice darker and fuller-looking lashes.

2. Regular use of eyelash serum

However, if you need some heavier weapon, because natural oils have their limits, then eyelash serum is the best solution. I apply Nanolash because it’s efficacious. All you have to do is apply this runny serum using a thin brush that the tube comes with. After a few weeks, you will notice significant lash improvement! To clarify, your eyelashes will become thicker, longer and fuller-looking. Also, the lashes should stop falling out. Obviously, you can expect the very effects to appear provided that you keep applying the eyelash serum regularly, that is every day.

3. Treating the lashes with Vaseline

At the beginning, I used to apply Vaseline to my eye skin only to make sure that it remains soft and smooth. Once I also applied it to the lashes because at that time I didn’t have castor oil at home. It turned out that Vaseline is good at taking care of the lashes too! Therefore, if you keep using it in moderation by applying small portions of it (so as not to load the lashes), you can expect Vaseline to help you get stronger lashes. How? Well, Vaseline will improve moisture levels, smooth lashes out and boost their shine. I guess I should warn you that there will be no spectacular lash growth, yet sometimes Vaseline may suffice to get more beautiful, fuller-looking and stronger lashes.

4. Green tea wet dressings

The fourth idea of getting stronger eyelashes is the one that I always make use of on my SPA days and applying facial masks. I use a small amount of water to brew green tea, I take the teabag out of the cup and when the bag cools down I press it to my eyes (just as if you were putting on cucumber slices that you surely must have seen in a movie). I’ve learnt that green tea appears to be a highly efficacious antioxidant that helps eyelashes remain young longer. The infusion can be used for treating lashes or wiping the face. This is a good, nourishing and – most of all – natural facial toner.

5. Nutrient-enriched mascara

I left my fave idea for last. It combines effective lash care with makeup. How to make eyelashes stronger without putting no effort whatsoever? Try reaching for a quality mascara infused with nourishing substances. Such mascara products are widely-available but if I were to recommend you one, I’d go for Lashcode. To me, it defines eyelashes in a lovely way and has a pretty good composition. Just look, it’s formulated with soy and wheat sprouts, vitamin E, panthenol and vegetable oils so it effectively improves the eyelashes day-by-day. Tell me, isn’t lash conditioning makeup making your dreams come true?

Please, don’t forget to tell me your ways of making eyelashes stronger!

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