Is frizzy and static-prone hair your problem as well? Today I’m going to tell you how to cope with that. I used hair smoothing sheets by OUAI. They turned out to be… what? I would like to invite you to read my entry concerning hair care.

How does it look like?

Anti-frizz hair sheets are closed in a white sachets and these are packed into a white box. The box resembles… a cigarette pack. It is even opened in the same way, and on one side there is the inscription saying: Frizzy hair kills. The sheets themselves are similar to shine-control blotting paper. They are small, delicate and semi-transparent. They are soaked with substances which are supposed to, of course, make hair smooth. I find it as a very practical solution, a way better than all the sprays, mists and masks. Moreover, they can be used anywhere, and what is even better, the effect is delivered immediately.

How does it work?

If your hair is impossible to style, if you have problems with taming it, go for Anti-frizz by OUAI hair sheets. These tiny pieces of material will smooth and gift your hair with gloss. Also, they prevent static and frizz of strands as they help with hair styling. All you have to do is just sliding the sheet along the hair starting from the roots reaching the very hair ends. You can do it both ways, either on your loose hair or on the already styled hairdo. Such a procedure shouldn’t ruin your bun or plait.

What does it contain?

The sheets are made of… cannabis paper. Also, they are soaked with coconut oil and Shea butter. I bet we all know that these substances are good at conditioning, smoothing and delivering gloss to strands. Owning to Anti-frizz hair sheets by OUAI, styling hairdos will become a real pleasure to you. These sheets don’t feature any parabens nor other substances that might dehydrate hair. What’s also important, they weren’t tested on animals. The best thing about Anti-frizz hair sheets by OUAI is that you can throw them into your handbag and touch up your hairdo anyplace, anywhere.

Have you ever used Anti-frizz hair sheets by OUAI?

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