Wearing eyelash extensions is a great idea when you have no time to apply a mascara. I like to reach out for falsies cause there are so many possibilities with cluster or strip lashes.

Do you know the types of eyelash extensions? Which technique to choose? Do you know the influence of false lashes on your natural hairs? Are you aware of the inconveniences? I thought so! Eyelash extension is a very broad subject! 🙂

I hope to clear out – at least to some extent – all of the issues and doubts connected with this topic. To be honest, there might be something I don’t know; after all, I’m not an expert. I make use of my own experience, online posts and knowledge shared by my friends who work at beauty salons.

Actually, why go for eyelash extensions? The answer is quite simple:

  • To look and feel beautiful, feminine and sexy.
  • Not to waste time coating the eyelashes with a mascara every day.
  • To forget about sparse, short and thin eyelashes.
  • To look good even without full makeup.


No matter the reasons, we can choose between many types of false eyelashes. Which ones are the best? I’m not going to give you one straight answer because it depends on the condition of your natural lashes, your expectations and taste. One girl likes dramatic volume and extension. Others prefer a natural look.

[I belong to the fans of natural-looking effect]

Blink Express Eyelash Extension

It’s likely to be among the most popular methods because of quick effects and low costs. I like blink lash extensions for the natural and not exaggerated effect. What does the treatment consist in? Blink eyelash extension involves attaching an individual fake lash to the every other natural eyelash. A perfect solution if you begin your lash extension adventure.

  • Benefits: natural effects, quick application, low costs
  • Disadvantages: poor durability, unsuitable for big events

Semi-Permanent Fake Lashes

Semi-permanent lashes are a thing. Women appreciate the natural results. You can get semi-permanent falsies at nearly every beauty salon because it’s the easiest and most basic technique. One fake eyelash is applied to one natural hair. It’s chosen by women who use lash extensions regularly.

  • Benefits: natural effects, popularity, easy application
  • Disadvantages: poor durability, irritation, getting an unprofessional treatment is possible

Volume Eyelash Extensions

It’s an eyelash extension variation. This option is ideal for girls who desire bold, maximally-defined, voluminous and long lashes. It’s possible because a cluster of two or more falsies is attached to one natural hair. Depending on the number of eyelashes in a cluster, you can choose 2D, 3D or even 8D lashes! Many women decide on volume lash extensions after getting semi-permanent or blink falsies a few times. Appetite comes with eating… I’m not into this method. To me, the effects are far from natural, the application takes lots of time and money.

  • Benefits: maximum definition, several weeks without mascara, lots of possibilities
  • Disadvantages: weighed-down natural lashes, long application, high costs, unnatural look

Combination Eyelash Extensions

It’s another version. How is it different from others? To me, it’s the best choice if you want a dramatic effect without a fake-looking, stiff and evenly-cut falsies. It’s a pricey technique so I use it occasionally. Still, I strongly recommend it. Why? The combination extension involves choosing different lengths and thickness of falsies and attaching them to just some of the natural lashes for the most natural effects possible. The treatment requires lots of time and an experienced professional because the right size as well as color and profile must be chosen (falsies come in different curl types). As a result, the effect is spectacular.

  • Benefits: the most dramatic yet natural effects, the longest-lasting
  • Disadvantages: few people use this method, very high costs, long application


  1. Fake lashes are never going to give you a non-stop flawless look. Falsies are applied to natural lashes so they fall out together after some time. Not all at a time but you must get the refills regularly.
  2. False eyelashes – no matter how natural the effect is – are the foreign elements which may irritate the delicate around-eye skin and trigger allergic reactions. They often overburden natural lashes which start falling out quickly, get shorter and thinner.
  3. Eyelash growth serums make an ideal alternative to eyelash extensions. Most of all, they’re safer and more natural. Even though the effect isn’t instant, a several-week treatment lets you strengthen, extend and increase the volume of natural lashes.

Any questions? I’d love to answer all of them e.g. in next posts!

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