Is it possible to have beautiful eyelashes without a mascara?

Of course, it is! Even though naturally beautiful lashes seem like a dream that can’t be realized, they’re not so hard to get. Some girls go for high-quality mascaras, others apply castor oil for strengthening, yet others use lash growth serums. Recently I decided on eyelash extensions and that’s what I wanted to tell you about today.

What does applying false eyelashes involve?

It’s a very popular treatment that women with short and sparse lashes choose more and more often. Hair and lash extensions are done in the same way. Individual synthetic fibers or clusters (2-8 lashes) are attached to natural eyelashes to get extension and volume. Depending on the method, a given number of falsies is applied to one natural lash. There are other things which make for the effects e.g. an aesthetician’s skills and experience, our expectations.

Before I decided on eyelash extensions, I was afraid of unnatural and exaggerated effects. After all, twice as many lashes make a difference. Falsies never make us think of naturalness. I shouldn’t have been worried. 🙂

Getting natural eyelash extension effects is possible thanks to:

  • attaching both cluster and individual lashes,
  • varying the thickness and length of fake lashes,
  • not attaching falsies to every single natural eyelash,
  • choosing falsies right for the eye shape,
  • using natural materials e.g. silk or mink.

You should choose an experienced and professional technician who knows how to ‘control’ our requirements. A person who won’t harm you by applying too long or too dense falsies just because you think you’re gonna like it. The technician is supposed to get us on the right track and help choose the best lash extension method. There are several of them.

Eyelash Extension Methods

  1. Semi-Permanent Eyelashes – one of the most popular methods; it involves attaching one individual fake lash to one natural eyelash.
  2. Volume Eyelash Extensions – this method aims at getting an impressive volume and uses cluster lashes: up to eight hairs in one cluster. There are lots of options to choose from. e.g.
    – 2D Lashes (one natural hair gets a cluster of two falsies)
    – 3D Lashes (one natural hair gets a cluster of three falsies)
  3. Blink&Go Lashes – the fastest version of the treatment; it follows the same rule as the semi-permanent extensions yet you don’t attach individual lashes to every natural eyelash. In this way, you get an asymmetric effect.

Why I chose semi-permanent eyelashes?

The cheapest and widely-available option. Most beauty salons offer semi-permanent lashes. This technique is less time-consuming and delivers quite natural-looking effects if you don’t go too far with the length. Simply put, semi-permanent lashes are so popular that it’s hard to do it wrong 🙂

Another plus is that just one fake lash is attached to the natural one so – to me – it’s a much safer option. Still, you must remember that applying falsies regularly may weaken your natural eyelashes and make them fall out. To make things worse, we might be allergic to the adhesive or fake lashes, which leads to unpleasant complications. Obviously, an aesthetician is obliged to inform you about such things to minimize the risk of irritation. A properly-performed application is safe.

What are eyelash extension contraindications?

Before choosing eyelash extensions as a way to get beautiful and healthy eyelashes, let’s get to know the contraindications. Unfortunately, similarly to other procedures around the sensitive areas (here – eyes), eyelash extensions can’t be done in some cases. It’s forbidden if you suffer from:

  • eye allergies,
  • the dry eye syndrome,
  • glaucoma, cataract, demodicosis,
  • herpes,
  • inflammation e.g. of the conjunctiva.

To finish, I’d like to tell you about the step-by-step application of eyelash extensions. Many girls are afraid of pain. No worries. At a salon, you just feel some discomfort when a technician secures lower lashes with a pad. Lying still for around two hours might be a problem, too. But it’s bearable. 🙂

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions step by step

  1. An aesthetician asks questions about the contraindications.
  2. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, take them off.
  3. Makeup products are precisely removed.
  4. You can get tinting for darker lashes before the application of falsies.
  5. Another stage involves degreasing the lashes with a disinfecting product.
  6. Lower lashes are secured with a pad.
  7. The length and curl of fake lashes must be adjusted to the natural eyelashes.
  8. Each false lash is dipped in the adhesive.
  9. Next, the falsies are attached to the side, top or bottom of the natural lashes.
  10. The application is complete when the lash line is full.
  11. Eventually, the pads are removed and lashes are combed out.

Gonna give it a try? I recommend it! 🙂

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