Ah, this annoying cellulite! It hits us like a suckerpunch and is exceptionally burdensome. It isn’t considered as an aesthetic problem only but also a health one. Let’s bear in mind that if untreated, cellulite can transform into painful skin lesions that require a physician intervention.

A few words about cellulite…

I know that hardly anyone wants to read about this topic because we rather want to give cellulite a wide berth. Nevertheless, I think that it’s wiser to know the enemy before trying to combat it. Do you know what cellulite is and why it develops? You don’t? It’s time to catch up with this!

CELLULITE is unevenly distributed fatty tissue that is accompanied with swellings and fibrous changes of subcutaneous layer. Unfortunately, it rarely affects men but it frequently touches women during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

CAUSES OF CELLULITE aren’t only connected with hormonal disorders. We can also inherit is or get it developed due to lack of physical activity or following an unbalanced diet. As a consequence, muscle mass is reduced and fatty tissue accretes.

FORMS OF CELLULITE are as different as the factors that cause it. Actually, there are three basic forms of cellulite. At the beginning we can notice hard cellulite, which is visible only when we squeeze our skin. Soft cellulite is a problem of slightly older and not so much active women. Most frequently it is visible on thighs. The last type of cellulite is called edematous cellulite that is now considered as a disease of affluence. It is the result of lymph and blood circulation disorders.

How to effectively combat cellulite?

I don’t want to fool anyone. I have problems with cellulite, just like most girls, therefore I decided to share with you my methods of fighting cellulite back. Of course, I reach for home remedies dealing with cellulite, such as:

  • sea salt peeling,
  • honey, sugar and almond oil peeling,
  • anti-cellulite massage performed with either a glove or a brush,
  • massage done with essential oils,
  • body peeling combined with coffee grounds.

Sadly, these methods have a few drawbacks: they are time-consuming and don’t deliver immediate results. Therefore, if you would like to get any possible improvements of your skin condition, you need to have well-developed self-abnegation and perform the procedures regularly, which is practically impossible for me to do nowadays, sadly.

This time, I’m going to run a short overview of professional solutions. I guess, beautifying treatments targeting cellulite are a good alternative. I decided to give a go to some of them.

Which beautifying treatments combating cellulite to choose?

It’s hard to get rid of it using only cosmetics, yet professional treatments might work wonders. Especially, when we realize that such procedures require using the latest achievements in technology. I lay my trust in this and I truly hope that thanks to them I’ll be able to remove orange peel once and for all. Are you curious what are the procedures targeting cellulite? Here are the most popular ones which I managed to find by scanning offers of the top beauty salons.


As far as I’m concerned, the most popular method dealing with cellulite is mesotherapy. During this treatment, body areas affected by cellulite are treated with a special cocktail containing caffeine and artichoke (but not always). The preparation has to be introduced underneath skin with the aid of tiny needless, and this stimulates regenerative processes. It’s worth mentioning that mesotherapy accelerates fat burning.

Another version of this procedure is called NEEDLELESS MESOTHERAPY where, instead of needles, electric impulses are used. The outcomes are almost alike.


In general, treatments dealing with cellulite make use of laser. In this case, it is diode laser the features of which can be intensified due to massaging and cryotherapy. Such combination eliminates swellings, stimulates microcirculation, encourages fat burning and detoxification.


In short, this is a therapy that makes use of medical carbon dioxide. How does it work? This medical carbon dioxide is introduced underneath the skin through microinjections. This treatment doesn’t require any anaesthesia. It leaves skin more supple and deprived of cellulite.


It can be said that this is a type of needle mesotherapy because tiny needles are needed to pierce skin to lead power of low frequency through fatty tissue. This delicate shock has a defined purpose because thanks to this our blood vessels become enlarged, blood circulation is stimulated and toxins are removed from our body way faster.


As it is typical for this kind of procedures, also endermologie depends on stimulating blood and lymph flow. Skin becomes more firm thanks to a special device that makes use of negative pressure. During this procedure, we might look funny because you need to put on a special costume. In general, endermologie is effective only when we undergo approximately 15 sessions (it depends on the type of cellulite we are affected by).


This is a specialistic massage thanks to which lymph flow is significantly improved and toxins are removed from the organism faster. Lymphatic drainage is a very interesting solution dealing with cellulite because it reduces leg swelling and smooths skin. The good news is that this procedure doesn’t require any special devices to use.


While enumerating procedures targeting cellulite, there is one technique that can’t be missed – body wrapping. This is a very common solution. It depends on applying special preparations stimulating blood circulation and accelerating fat burning. Then, they have to be secured by being wrapped with thin foil. Additionally, if we manage to warm the body parts which are wrapped with foil, then all swellings and cellulite will be eliminated in a more effective way.


Another treatment combating cellulite that has to be mentioned is the procedure carried out to fight back advanced cellulite. A fairly high efficiency is ascribed to acoustic wave therapy which is destroy fatty tissue due to a special head emitting diffused acoustic wave. Thanks to this, we will reduce cellulite, make skin more supple, smooth it and shape the body.


A slightly different version of the above-mentioned treatment, which is radio wave therapy, depends on non-invasive and comprehensive action delivered to skin and body shaping due to, of course, radio waves. The procedure begins with applying a thin layer of glycerol. Then, a special head glides on particular body parts.


A procedure that is similar to body mix. This is a treatment that combines ultrasounds, radio waves, cryotherapy and endermologie. This procedure is highly effective because it damages fatty cells so they can be removed form an organism.


Here, we deal with endermologie that is performed using two heads. They are rollers covered with tiny holes which suck skin up. Icoone does more than just combating cellulite. It also makes skin more supple, stimulates blood circulation and rejuvenates.

I don’t know whether I managed to list all existing treatments dealing with cellulite. Basically, I wanted to show you that the range of procedures is really wide. Hence, don’t worry because there is a solution waiting for you! 🙂


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