Hi girls, today I’d like to discuss well-known and loved (by a vast majority of you) BB, CC and DD creams. What’s the difference between them (apart from the alphabet letters, of course), which BB cream is most recommended? What are their properties? What do the letters stand for? What do the online reviews say about them? The answers to those questions (and more) is below. Let’s start our journey through the alphabet;)

BB, CC and DD creams are also known as multi-purpose cosmetics. Their career began, of course, with the BB cream, which was created by a German dermatologist and was supposed to be a correcting cream for people with an extremely sensitive skin or for those who struggle with post-acne scarring. The cream was also supposed to accelerate the healing of all wounds and scars, and conceal them with a nice, unified colour. It has also worked well for people who underwent chemical peels: due to a number of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and colouring ingredients, it was ideal as a make-up foundation that not only masks but also heals the skin and accelerates its regeneration. They are also very popular in Japan! Of course, today’s BB creams are different from their “ancestors” and – let’s not have any illusions – do not act as therapeutically as the ‘old’ ones did. After the first BB cream was released (which was designed to gently hide imperfections and care for the skin), two other products, similar but improved and tailored to specific needs of the skin were created. How do they work? What exactly are the creams called BB, CC, DD like?I will start from the beginning. Let me describe each of them separately.

BB Cream – gently moisturizes and conceals

Many of you reach for BB creams and thanks to you, they gain so many positive reviews, which is especially visible on many online forums. Beauty Balm (because this is what BB stands for) owes its success to the fact that it is a multi-functional product: it combines the features of a good-quality skin care cream and a foundation. It is similar in action to all kinds of toning creams, which are also designed to beautify and take care of all kinds of skin. Therefore BB cream:

  • moisturizes the skin;
  • covers up minor imperfections;
  • cures irritations;
  • has soothing properties;
  • makes the face look natural in any lighting;
  • gives the complexion shine and freshness;
  • protects against adverse effects of the climate;
  • provides the skin with vitamins and minerals (but note: not all BB creams contain them, so it is worth reading descriptions and composition listed on the label);
  • tones the skin;
  • unifies skin tone;
  • blocks the penetration of toxins into the skin;
  • does not burden the skin.

CC Cream – works as a concealer for imperfections

The CC cream is a tiny step towards beautifying and skin care. The name of the cream can be translated to as Color & Correct, Color Control or Color Correcting. The CC cream combines complexion treatment with beautifying properties and covering up imperfections – it’s like a foundation, a cream and a concealer – all in one. Its effects are slightly stronger than its predecessor. Therefore CC cream:

  • has a delicate formula, because its main role is to care for oily, acne-prone and capillary skin;
  • nourishes and moisturizes the skin;
  • provides sun protection (CC cream also protects against other unfavourable factors: frost, wind, dry air of radiators, etc.),
  • protects the face from air pollution;
  • evens out the skin tone;
  • covers all imperfections: broken capillaries, discolourations, pigmentation spots, acne, etc.;
  • depending on the version, the CC cream may have mattifying or brightening properties;
  • contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, soothes irritations and brings relief to the skin;
  • tones the skin;
  • does not overburden the skin;
  • provides good covering properties, and at the same time adapts to the complexion.

DD cream – masks and rejuvenates

DD cream is not for everyone. It was created for mature skin, which requires a bit more care and support. Its name DD is an abbreviation for Dynamic Do-all – in other words – this cream DOES IT ALL:) … even the washing up, haha. Unfortunately, DD cream is still not generally available and it is hard to find it in drugstores. Its action is even stronger than the two older brothers because DD cream:

  • perfectly conceals all imperfections and pigmentation changes;
  • does not accumulate in the fine lines of the skin;
  • provides a good application;
  • it evens out the skin texture;
  • has anti-wrinkle properties;
  • lightens the skin and leaves it refreshed and radiant;
  • tones the skin;
  • has strong protective properties;
  • contains UVA, UVB filters;
  • strongly nourishes the skin;
  • protects the complexion from toxins from the air;
  • prevents the skin from dehydrating and excessive oiliness, balances sebum secretion;
  • contains anti-wrinkle ingredients, rejuvenates the skin;
  • strongly nourishes the skin;
  • protects the complexion from toxins from the air;
  • prevents the skin from dehydrating or excessive oiliness, balances sebum secretion;
  • contains anti-wrinkle ingredients, rejuvenates the skin,

Which cream should you choose: BB, CC or DD?

Which version of the cream you choose is, of course, a matter of personal choice, however, the cosmetic must match the needs of your skin. Moreover, it is known that women with mature skin will be simply more satisfied with DD cream, and ladies who struggle with broken capillaries will benefit more when using the CC cream. Many of you have written to me and say that you use BB cream as a base for the foundation. First, you apply BB cream, then your favourite foundation, powder, etc. This is to even out the face colour and conceal imperfections as well as take care of the skin at the same time. You can, of course, go a step further and use CC cream as a foundation primer… 😀 To be honest – I have not checked how it would work on my skin but it seems like a good idea, but maybe one of you has such experience and wants to share her thoughts? Please, let me know in the comment section:)

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